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Mac OS X downloads courtesy of Julian Mayer:

For Linux binaries, I recommend using the packages shipped by your distribution.


The latest official version is 0.7.1:

Levels and other data

Two sets of free level files are available. abuse-lib is the original shareware version of the game, released into the public domain. abuse-frabs is the result of a community effort to create free Abuse levels:

The sound effects were not put into the public domain. Bobby Prince, the current copyright holder, still agreed to their redistribution:

A full registered game dataset is also available. Its licensing terms are unclear, but Jonathan Clark and Dave Taylor, the original Abuse authors, allowed it to be freely redistributed for Abuse-SDL:


Golgotha was a Crack dot Com game project that was cancelled when the company went bankrupt. It was released into the public domain, together with music, sound effects and textures. I am making them available here because they contain interesting material that is very hard to find nowadays:

Older downloads

Older files are attached to this page.

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