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Development notes

My brain is too small. I'm putting stuff here to remember it later.

Coding style

Remove useless spaces where I don't want to see them:

 :%s/  *$//
 :%s/(  */(/g
 :%s/  *\([);]\)/\1/g
 :%s/\(for\|if\|while\) (/\1(/g

Add spaces where I want to see them:

 # After commas and semicolons
 :%s/\([,;]\)\([^ ]\)/\1 \2/g
 # Inside = + += > etc. Breaks inside strings, unfortunately.
 :%s/\([a-zA-Z0-9]\)\([-+*/><=&^%]\|[-+*/><=&^%!]=\)\([a-zA-Z0-9]\)/\1 \2 \3/g

Code shortcomings

Other tasks:

  • Check uses of malloc that could be lmalloc.
  • What is LObjectVar for?
  • Fix FILLED mode.
  • Wrap l_user_stack uses in a clean class.

The big data merge

WAV files:

  • files in both abuse-sfx and abuse-mac are exactly the same
  • some files are only in abuse-mac: the whole sfx/voice/ subdirectory

SPE files:

  • all files in abuse-lib are also in abuse-data
  • most new files from abuse-frabs are in the addons directory