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Mac Abuse notes

Abuse datasets

Information about the available Abuse datasets.

Data file formats

Common files:

  • .spe: SPEC files for data, mostly sprites and palettes, but also levels
  • .wav: sound FX files
  • .hmi: music files
  • .lsp: Lisp files

Other files in data packages:

  • .cpf: SPEC files containing cache profile information
  • satan.bak: appears to be a backup .spe file from Satan Paint
  • demo1.dat: appears to be a demo control sequence
  • micron.vcd: appears to be an empty SPEC file with copyright information
  • example.lvl: SPEC file?
  • normal.txt: probably unused

Mac Abuse

Changes in art files:

  • dev.spe: c_normal goes from 9×10 pixels to 11×16
  • endgame.spe:
    • tbc goes from 320×200 to 640×400
    • end.pcx goes from 320×200 to 640×480
    • credit goes from 320×240 to 640×480
  • fonts.spe:
    • screen11 renamed to screen11+
    • screen11 becomes a 224×104 image (was 224×88)