15:08 Ticket #38 (Realtime debug logging to the screen) created by guest
I am requesting a realtime debug logging to the screen, to see which …
15:04 Ticket #37 (Proper configure switch for datadir) created by guest
Current build system does not allow changing datadir arbitrarily …
15:01 Ticket #36 (No GL or antialiasing disable switch exists) created by guest
Once those are enabled, they can be removed only from abuserc.
14:58 Ticket #35 (Mix_OpenAudio() parameter change) created by guest
Mix_OpenAudio() parameters should be updated to match the new …
14:55 Ticket #34 (Header includes nit) created by guest
Change malloc.h -> stdlib.h. From compiler: warning: #warning …
14:54 Ticket #33 (Music volume not restored) created by guest
Music volume setting works in game, but does not get restored on start up.


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01:09 Ticket #25 (patch for security issues in abuse) closed by Sam Hocevar
fixed: Thanks, patch applied in [545]. A few fixes were ignored because the …
00:56 Ticket #18 (window manager graphical glitch when moving windows) closed by Sam Hocevar
fixed: This bug was fixed during the large TransImage? refactoring.
00:53 Ticket #5 (add licensing information to all files) closed by Sam Hocevar
fixed: This was fixed throughout the years. Almost all files have licensing …


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FAQ 1.1.0.
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imported Nath Krell's plot discussion
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15:18 Ticket #15 (Screen resolution/mousing area discrepancy) closed by Sam Hocevar
fixed: Fixed in [477].


01:39 Ticket #32 (Network game crashes) created by guest
Network game crashes when client chooses "network" from the menu. The …
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