fRaBs  updates
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This file catalogues all of the changes between fRaBs and the registered
version of Abuse, as well as various logs of updates, additions, gameplay
testing, deathmatch testing, and other modifications.

12/10/00 - Version 2.1

- New to this version of fRaBs are some touching
  up on the levels, one replaced single player
  level, six new deathmatch levels, some new art,
  and a couple really noticable new features:
  randomized deathmatch level rotations and lots
  of very pretty random title screens.
- On December 3, fRaBs turned a year old. I'm so
  happy that this project has gone as far as it has,
  and there are some really awesome ideas in store.
- Chances are the next version of fRaBs will have a
  Windows Abuse port included. This port, maintained
  by a fellow University of Idaho alumni named Jeremy
  Scott, already has most of the solid features that
  the DOS version has. What makes this version special
  is that Jeremy plans on adding many new features to
  the engine, including hardware acceleration and
  DirectPlay support for native TCP/IP games!
- I repeat: There will be dedicated Abuse servers on
  the Internet in the near future! :)
- You have two options for obtaining the latest fRaBs
  now... I will still release entire new packages, but
  now, there will also be patches available for older
  versions of fRaBs, starting with a 2.0 to 2.1 patch.
- Here's a hint on some more expected additions to the
  Abuse engine... I plan on beginning work on CTF maps
  in the near future. :)


- Fixed small lighting errors in 00dm.
- Todo: change ANT_CRACK values in Level09 and
  Level11 to make gameplay easier and smoother.


- Moved Cistern and Occult to the small rotations.
- Changed DM page and maps accordingly.
- Fixed a deathmatch level bug. DM LISP now loads
  4frabsdm.lsp out of /addon/leon. This makes some
  special tiles and objects appear in 00dm.


- Two new fRaBs mirrors... check the links page.
- The fRaBs main mirror has officially moved!


- Fixed some case-sensitive bugs in the map JPEG pages.


- Added more start points to 00dm.
- Fixed a couple long-standing problems in the large Bugs
  DM level, with the fly powerup and a couple frisbee
  powerups not respawning properly.


- New DM level, 00dm. You'll be familiar with this one. :)


- Replaced /lisp/teleport.lsp with Leon's new one. This
  includes the new TP_DOOR_INVIS.
- Fixed spacytdm and spacymed's background problems.
- Added in new Level30, with map and info.


- Ergh. I included the unfinished Level30 with the release
  fRaBs. I don't know what I'll do here. I may just cut out
  that level... it wasn't very good anyways. In it's place
  will be Leon's new single player level, Leon1_2, perhaps
  augmented with a secret exit. :)
- Making some gameplay changes to King of the Cross... I
  will rearrange the ammo and add in a fly powerup to the
  higher respawn points.
- Added in new artwork and new deathmatch levels by Leon.
  This stuff is really really nice. Check out Cistern,
  Ruins, and Occult. Stones.spe is in /addon/newart.
- Updated object list.
- Reminder to self: update small and medium DM LISP, get
  map JPEGs of these three and of Leon1_2, the new Level30.
  Also update DM level documentation.


- Finished the new medium DM Level. It's called Laaz Rockit.
  All my newer DM Levels have the added benefit of testing
  behind them, thanks to my buddy Micah. He sketched this
  level out on paper too, so more kudos to him.
- Finished new small DM level, King of the Cross.
- Added Profound's new title screen. Sweetness.
- I'm thinking the next fRaBs will be mainly a deathmatch
  release. Some of my older DM Levels just kinda suck, and
  the more DM I play the better I get at making this type
  of level. I think it would be cool to eventually have a
  totally new Deathmatch server interface, and as many
  packaged DM Levels as, say, Unreal or Q3A. Bots would be
  cool too, but that's way far down the line, if ever.
- Todo: Fix PUSHER alignment in Aquarius and Laaz Rockit.
  Add map of KOTC. Add SFX to KOTC.


- Well, there was a slight problem with the title
  screen code in relation to /addon/deathmat/dstartup.lsp
  but it was a quick fix.
- The deathmatch level sequences have been modified! Now
  upon selecting a level size, you will get a random level
  of that type. No more waiting for cool DM levels like
  Aquarius and Teardrop anymore... you just might get your
  level when you start the game.
- In progress: New medium-sized Deathmatch Level.
- Slightly old news, but Profound sent in another title
  screen. It's the one with the sharp-looking 'A'.
- Todo: Fix item hiding and spacy background in spacytdm.


- Leon fixed up the title screen code and artwork.
  Very cool. There's a patch on his webspace
  and if you want the nifty new title screens before
  the next release of fRaBs, then grab it. The file is


- fRaBs now has random title screens! Check /lisp/
  startup.lsp for the code updates. Thanks to Crembo
  and Cypress for providing some sweet title screens
  and giving me this idea.


- Fixed a couple of documentation quips.
- Added a couple links on the Links page.

11/06/00 - Version 2.0

- Finally. The first release of fRaBs in almost three
  months. There are a total of ten new levels in this
  version - eight are single player, and the other two
  are deathmatch. Plus there's a plethora of other
  additions in the documentation. I matched the ten
  new levels with ten new Pong levels as well... and
  lots of updates in the Level Editing and FAQ section.
- Actually I lied... there's a secret level too. See if
  you can find it. The JPEG maps will not help you. :)
- To Cypress: Sorry I didn't include the new fRaBs logo
  in the HTML pages... the versions you gave me didn't
  scale very well. I did spend some time tinkering with
  the artwork in GIMP though... it's gonna look cool. :)
- As a sidenote... Episode 3 is not complete until
  there is a Level16 and there will probably be three
  or four levels added on to the Aliens Abuse episode
  in the future.
- Finally, notes on adding art and objects... the docs
  talk about the /addon/newart folder. There is also a
  /addon/newobj folder for individual addon objects you
  decide to create.


- I've been doing work on the object documentation in
  the level editing section for the last few days.
- Finished Level30. It's not my best level, but it's
  a unique challenge as far as my levels go.
- As soon as Level15 is complete, the next fRaBs will
  be released!


- Level12 is fixed, but EitanTal is hopefully working
  on something to fix Level14.
- Awesome! Eitan fixed Level14 as well.


- Finally fixed the SHOULDER_LAMP bug! Modified /lisp/
  people.lsp. Thanks a million to Leon for the fix.
- Worked on the Level Editing documentation. I will
  definitely need help writing the section on how to
  create objects and enemies for Abuse. If you are a
  Satan Paint expert, please contact me if you would
  like to help in demystifying the process of creating
  objects for Abuse.


- There was a huge tile converter bug that screwed up
  two of my single player levels by cutting off the
  first column of foreground tiles in the larger of
  my levels, Level12 and Level14. I was lucky to have
  a working copy of Level12, but my only copy of
  Level14 was royally screwed. See, the bug shifted
  all the foreground tiles over ONE value, and one
  tile was lost. However, all of the objects remained
  where they were, so the entire level is screwed.
  Hopefully EitanTal can make a new converter to fix
  this broken level. If not, it can't be in fRaBs.


- Fixed up a couple nagging gameplay problems in
  treesmal. Lately I'm having trouble coming up with
  decent ideas for the last few single player levels
  that I'd like to finish, but whether these levels
  are done or not, I'd like to release fRaBs sometime
  in mid-November before I go on Thanksgiving break.
- Fixed a bug in Limeston where the ladder would get
  the player stuck in the ground if they went down
  too far.
- Leon offered to fix the SHOULDER_LAMP bug! Hooray!


- New small DM level... treesmal.spe is the fourth
  level in the small rotation.


- Fixing up the documentation for version 2.0. There
  is still lots of material to add to the editing
  section, which is now split into two parts. I'm
  probably going to split off parts of the object list
  as well.


- Finished a new medium deathmatch level with the blue
  background cave stuff. It's called 'Aquarius' and it
  is the third level in the Deathmatch rotation.
- Changed the medium.lsp deathmatch level rotation.
  JDM3 is no longer in the medium rotation.
- Tested Aquarius. It works rather nicely! It made
  me remember to update addon/deathmat/deathmat.lsp
  to include the addon/newart stuff.
- Abuse is sweet. All I did was put the newart stuff
  in /addon and put the Aquarius level on my friend's
  computer... when we played, it updated his title
  screen and tons of stuff to be in sync with my dev
  fRaBs. Suprise suprise :)


- Renumbered Claudio's space tiles and used a special
  converter by EitanTal to change the levels that
  used those tiles. Sweetness! Now the foreground
  numbering system is fixed at long last!


- The new Mario level is finished! It will be a neat
  little secret for you to find. I'll edit the way to
  find this level out of the Map JPEGs. It's not too
  difficult to find though.
- Implemented Cypress' background tiles for the blue
  caves and whatnot, finally. They look really nice
  in my upcoming fRaBs Level30.
- Started on Level15 too. Not a very productive way
  to end a week of midterms... making fRaBs levels
  all day, but what the hell.


- Been working on the last few levels that exit the
  Level12 hub, and a Mario level.
- Finished Level14 too! Yay!
- Fixed the regular fRaBs SENSOR_LEVEL object so that
  it loads levels from the regular /levels directory.


- Huge changes to background numbering... the menu
  for background tiles is changed, because the space
  tiles that were numbered at around 9000 are now
  numbered at 500. Not many levels used these
  background tiles, so I changed the numbering. If
  your level did use these space background tiles,
  then you're going to have to go back and fix your
  level for the new fRaBs. I think I'm the only one
  with this problem though. :) So, not only is the
  background window easier to navigate, but all three
  sets of space background tiles will be grouped
  nicely together in the background window.
- Tried to add Cypress' new background tiles but they
  weren't formatted correctly in Satan Paint. D'oh!
- Added Cypress' 3D-Green fRaBs title screen as well.
  Rock on! It's very nice looking.


- Huge changes in the foreground and background tile
  naming system. I found some background tiles that
  were included with Claudio's addon that I had no
  earthly idea about. They are renumbered for ease of
  finding and using. Check addon/newart/tiledoc.txt
  for some notes on these.
- Commented out the last two tiles that were numbered
  from 10,000 in /addon/claudio/claudio.lsp. This
  should help make the foreground tiles easier to
  navigate around.
- News on a release... Leon is working on re-naming his
  object variations so don't get too comfortable with
  things like the ANT_CRACK_HIDDEN and the ANT_TOUGH.
  The ANT_VARIATIONS code currently used in levels will
  probably stay, although the objects these levels use
  will be tagged as 'Unlistable' for the purposes of
  keeping the object window in the Level Editor somewhat


- Major changes under the hood again... I added in the
  sensors from the Twisted Minds addon as well as it's
  implementation of the WALK_ROB object. The new LISP
  is in /twist/f2xxx.lsp. In addition, this new object,
  the WALK_ROB2 was modified so that it has no shield
  when it's standing still.
- Remind me to modify the SETQ_BAD_GUY lists.


- Added more new decorative foreground tiles... thanks
  again, Cypress. It's all in /newart.
- All I need to do is finish up a few more levels for
  the third episode (levels 14-16) and fRaBs will be
  ready for a release. Until then, feel free to send
  in your art and levels. I may even start another new
- I was bored today, so I got an idea... why not add
  the Twisted Minds Mario object set to the fRaBs set
  of default objects? So I did... I'll need to add
  Profound's special set of sensors sometime in the
  future as well.


- Updated the Single Player Maps page... it's in touch
  with the latest dev version of fRaBs now.


- Fixed some of Cypress' tiles so that they look better,
  particularly the diagonal ceiling tiles.
- Modified /addon/claudio/claudio.lsp to fix a bug with
  the ANT_SHIP object. When it fires frisbees, the game's
  video output gets all screwy. So for now, the ANT_SHIP
  doesn't shoot frisbees.
- Created a short new level based on the new tileset. It
  will be the ending level of the ACLPP episode, Level10.
- I also decided to use a couple of Cypress' levels as
  Level07 and Level08. These are both works in progress,
  but they will be finished soon. The previous Level07
  is now the new Level09. This makes the ACLPP episode
- The maps page needs to be updated again.


- Added some new artwork to the current fRaBs dev version,
  and released a patch to level editors. As of today, the
  link is on the Abuse forum. Kudos to Cypress! The artwork
  will be in /addon/newart... it's an icyblue foreground set.
- Added a global listing of foreground tiles for Abuse into
  /addon/newart. The foreground and background tiles work on
  a numbering system... from 0 to around 10,000... if you
  make any foreground or background art in fRaBs, send it to
  me so I can end it to an empty 'spot' on this chart.
- Cypress sent me some of his unfinished levels too. Some of
  these will be in the next fRaBs, but a few are either very
  unfinished or merely 'skeletons' of levels.
- Finally, Jonathan is relocating so the server may be up/down
  or left/right or sideways or something.


- Updated two map JPEGs, including the one for Level12.


- Happy Birthday to me! I just turned 18! Now send me some money
  and go play some fRaBs. (and slutty whores... on channel 4)
- Fixed a glaring bug in Madrace. Lately I've been doing some
  deathmatch testing... expect a few slight gameplay changes in
  the deathmatch levels in fRaBs 2.0.


- Back to work. My new computer is set up for progress on fRaBs.
- Updated the FAQ page again, and made the font fixed-width.
- Hello to all of you from the University of Idaho!


- Updated the FAQ with some info on ports, the Death Ray, and the
  Boss Ant objects. Keep the questions coming!
- The links page had a bit of redundant stuff in it. Fixed.


- I've been busy at college... so sorry about the lack of news.
  I'll be back in swing by September at the latest.
- The credits page was changed by Jonathan a while back. It's a
  bit more exact now.


- Modified the documentation strucure, and removed the /maps
  folder. All the new maps can be found in /docs/images now.
  This will make things easier in terms of keeping the up-
  coming website updated.


- Added the unfinished Level12 and a new Level13 into the level
  rotation of Episode 3, and updated the documentation of how I
  plan on structuring the order of Levels 12-16 along with a
  possible Aliens Abuse episode.

7/10/00 - Version 1.9

- Changed the arrangement of the documentation. If this isn't
  the best Abuse documentation there is then I suggest you make
  something better. :) I'm proud of it.


- Finally finished up the HTML documentation for fRaBs.


- I've been working on Pong levels, the new documentation, and a
  special directory called /maps, filled with JPEGs of every level
  in fRaBs, and then some. So far there is 10 new Pong levels
  made by me.
- Still no resolution to the legs error. Until that is fixed, my
  new level will remain unreleased.


- Thanks to Zoneman for finding a nasty error in fRaBs where upon
  getting the POWER_UPs the player's legs didn't change. I have
  this problem partially fixed at the moment... only now upon
  obtaining the SHOULDER_LAMP, the player has no legs!
- I did this by moving lots of code directly into the
  lisp/people.lsp file, and there is a backup called peoplold.lsp
  in the same directory. Also, addon/aliens/powerups.lsp has been
  changed, with the old file renamed to powerold.lsp... hope I
  can fix this soon!


- Pong level making is easy! I made 5 nice levels in about half
  an hour. Very neat stuff. I'll write a short briefing on it.
- At the moment I'm collaborating with Profound to make a couple
  new objects for Pong that will allow for a string of levels...
  right now it only plays one at a time, but this can be changed.


- Added abuse.txt in /docs, by Duong Dai Nguyen. There is a very
  detailed tutorial on level design, as well as other things. I
  may go through and add/modify some of the listings to account for
  new ai_types and whatnot. I shouldn't have lost this file so long
  ago... it's a useful tool, and I still learn things from it.
  Swiped from the shareware version 1.05.


- Check out addon/pong/ for a fun little pong game. Swiped from the
  shareware version 1.05.


- Tried to fix the 'Aliens' issue, by changing their little green
  acid shot to aitype 50, but I don't think I modified the LISP
  correctly. Now they don't shoot anything at all! Maybe it's best
  that way...
- Started doing some major tweaking to the Alien code... I want to
  try and make them a bit more 'fair'. Changed default hit points,
  and speed settings today...


- Ooh, with the addition of the new addon by Leon, the Aliens from
  the Aliens Abuse addon now seem to want to shoot those zip-zappy
  lasers. This is a bit of a problem...


- Updated Leon's addon material and edited /addon/leon/4frabs.lsp to
  include his new foreground tiles.


- Added in Leon's new ant addons from his great new levels. All of it
  is in addon/leon, including the original levels, which can be run
  via leon.bat and l-edit.bat.
- Moved the bad_guy_list and the object_destroyable_list to the bottom
  of abuse.lsp. Kept the older, existing ones just in case the seperate
  addon is run instead of the entire fRaBs objects.
- Updated single player readme on new Ant AI.
- Tons of new objects in this update. I don't know how I will ever make
  a document to describe each and every one of these... eventually I
  need to though.


- Began work on Kokushi Salamander. It will be a shoot-em-up spaceship
  game, similar to Gradius, using the Abuse engine. :) Profound is
  doing the main bit of code, and I'm creating/ripping the artwork. I
  have been on a shooter stint, with the Konami classics, and I thought
  one day that I could do a project like this for Abuse. Stay tuned...


- I did some deathmatch testing on Kahn with EitanTal. I had a 56k modem,
  and he had ISDN, and the results were slow, probably because of me...
  we averaged about .5 fps. I'd imagine 2 ISDN lines on Kahn would
  get much better performance... the game's native rate is 15 fps. I am
  in Alaska, and he was in Israel... my TCP/IP test with Ed wasn't as
  good in terms of performance, and he had DSL.
- Missed a few of the art/tints directories in changing the file names
  to lower case. Fixed.
- You may have noticed that there were constant updates from the 13th of
  June to the 17th. This is a record number of updates for fRaBs, and it
  can be attributed to the fact that I don't have a job. :)

6/17/00 - Version 1.75

- The Deathray and the Twisted Minds addon are now incorporated into
  fRaBs! This makes for a whole new seperate addon, as well as better-
  flowing single player play in the regular game.
- Added a couple of Leon's objects, save for a couple things related
  to the ways in which ants die. These are the ANTHOLE and the SENSORBEAM.
  The first one makes a new ant for each one that comes out of the crack
  and dies, up to a maximum. The second is a nice bit of decor. Read
  leon1.lsp in addon/leon for more info and check out my sample level,
  sample.spe, in the same directory.


- Doh! There was a broken level exit in Level07.spe because I moved
  Level08 to Level21. Fixed.

6/15/00 - Version 1.71

- Renamed every file except for the fRaBs171 dir itself to lowercase so
  that there's better Linux compatibility. If there are any problems that
  come up with this then email me.


- I decided to release fRaBs and add the BFG and my new cave level in
  a later version. There might not be much time between this release
  and the next, but it's been long enough as it is. :)
- Remember that although this version has quite a few new levels,
  most of the big changes are internal, with the new power up objects
  which I hope you level editors out there can take advantage of.
- Updated the single player documentation with help for the new levels
  as I'm sure you will need it. ;)


- Getting very close to a release. Implemented Eitan's easiest levels
  and all that is left now is the BFG and possibly my new Abuse level
  once I get it finished.


- Added in EitanTal's new levels, but they may need editing. This, and
  the delays with adding in the new BFG code will delay fRaBs even
  longer. I figure this is best though, unless you like downloading
  new versions of software every two seconds that it is released.
- Modified /lisp/people.lsp to fix an issue where any level-ending
  teleporter for Level22.spe ends the game. Now the end-game
  sequence will only be triggered when you complete Level99.spe and
  god knows if fRaBs will ever have one of these.


- Cleaned up some LISP references for possible Linux problems.


- Preparations for releasing fRaBs 1.7... there's gonna be plenty
  of new stuff in this version, in terms of levels and additions to
  the artwork and objects. Just a little more testing with the new
  objects in a simulated deathmatch and it will be ready to go.
- Now that the important Aliens objects are included, does anyone
  want to try and make an 'Aliens Abuse' episode of fRaBs? :)
- Input on how fast the new Aliens move would be nice... this can
  be easily modified if the general consensus is that they should
  move a little slower/faster.
- Did some slight updating to the documentation, with info about
  the new Aliens.
- Added Ed Snible's fRaBs icons, and some related files, to /icons.


- Finally! Added Aliens Abuse foreground, background, and relevant
  objects. And it all works perfectly! YAY! Now the SHOULDER_LAMP,
  the FACE_HUGGER, and all the ALIEN_DUDES work! :)


- Ed and I had our first TCP/IP test of fRaBs for GNU/Linux. It
  was slow and there were a couple LISP bugs, but we think they
  were due to our different Abuse setups, and the fact that I live
  in Alaska and he lives in New York. Overall though, things are
  looking promising for TCP/IP play, just as long as you're not
  playing someone halfway across the planet. :)
- Also, I've been contacted by someone who wants to do an Abuse
  port for PSX. Stay tuned.
- I've been planning to make some GNU/Linux packages for different
  distros, so look for these in the future. So far Redhat and
  Debian packages are on the horizon, but if there's the demand,
  then I'll make some others.


- fRaBs is working in Debian! Good news... but the palette is
  screwy. To be fixed.
- Added Level17.spe finally.


- To do... Finish testing fRaBs-linux and integrate new SPLs.


- A cool guy by the name of Ed Snible has been fixing up a
  GNU/Linux version of Abuse with TCP/IP support. We're in the
  testing phase... stay tuned. This is gonna rock!

  fRaBs + Linux + TCP/IP + Good Documentation = Bliss :)

- Changed Level00 so that bottom two teleporters to the left
  loop back into Level00 until I get those episodes completed.
- Added SFX to Limestone DM level. It sounds cool now.
- Network testing went really well, although my little brother
  beat me on the levels that I made. Go figure. I noticed some
  lag in Bugs.spe on the network though... too many objects?
  If someone can get 3-4 people or more playing 'Bugs' on a LAN
  and do some further testing, I'd appreciate it. :)
- Added an episode with some of my older levels... it's a three
  level deal that is situated off near the 'Abuse!' teleport in
  Level00. This is old news really, but the new episode isn't in
  any released versions of fRaBs.

3/24/00 - Version 1.51 (beta)

- Completed Limeston.spe (the new large DM level) and I think
  I'm done with making deathmatch levels. Now to get back to
- Modified /addon/deathmat/large.lsp
- Damn, another thing I forgot to add here... I finished a nice
  new single-player level a while ago... about a month ago, to
  be precise. :) Whoops.
- I'm gonna be able to do my own deathmatch testing this coming
  week. Woohoo! My own networked computers to play with!


- I'm back for the attack!
- Don't know why this tidbit wasn't in the readme earlier,
  but I've been working on the Underground Zone, another
  large DM level. It, along with other fRaBs stuff, will
  probably not be released until there's other significant
  changes to the game... i.e. more single player episodes,
  engine modifications. There's no point to releasing fRaBs
  every two days just to put in another DM level and update
  the one or two .lsp files that need updating.

2/21/00 - Version 1.5

- Released 1.5 with all new single-player mode, and
  4 new deathmatch levels. Single-player info has been
  relegated to separate readme files, deathmat.txt and
  oneplayr.txt, both of which are works in progress. My
  aim is to have more material for Abuse newbies and a
  full-fledged Abuse multiplayer step-by-step guide.


- I was inspired today... made a new medium DM level in about
  3 hours that is circle-shaped... it uses running water from
  the claudio addon. :) It's the second level in the medium
  rotation now... /netlevel/Teardrop.spe


- More SPL fixes (Level08.spe)
- Still working on a new SPL and a new DM level... school's
  been bogging me down a bit though.


- Fixed some foreground tiles in the original SW levels
- Fixed some tiles and errors in both ACLPP levels


- Added a new level, redgrndm.spe, to the small deathmatch levels
  and modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp to a different order. I
  don't plan on making any more small deathmatch levels, so this
  file should stay the same from here on out. This DM level has
  a 'new' feature: respawning flyers that cause random hell.
- Changed Level00 teleporter nomenclature.


- Modified some level names, added some new single player levels
  into the addon. The first three top teleporters are in some
  sort of working order.


- Totally rearranged included Shareware level's file names...
  and added a new Level00.spe. This new Level00 was designed to
  be very open-ended to including either new 'paks' of levels,
  or even just exits to single levels. What does this mean? It
  means that if you want your level(s) in fRaBs, just give me a
  note of permission and send the level(s), tell me the order
  you want them in, and they will be included into fRaBs.
- The new Level00 took only 3 hours and some rockin' music... :)
- Updated readme with Level00 schematics. Start sending in some
  single-player levels! :)


- Keep forgetting that it's really 2000, not 1999. Sheesh.
- Finally tried fRaBs on Kahn, but it was so slow that me and
  my cohort couldn't even get the game started. Oh well... if
  you're playing with someone geographically close to you, or
  on the same ISP, then the bandwidth might be feasible over
  Kahn, but I'm not sure otherwise. Once cable modems are the
  norm, and everyone has good bandwidth, then Kahn will be the
  way to go, but for now, it's probably not the best idea.
  Thanks to CHaKKaWaKKa for being my partner in crime for this
  test. I plan on trying again in the near future...


- Haven't played much Abuse lately. I have recovered my
  original copies of Claudio and Aliens Abuse in my off time
  however! What does this mean? fRaBs will include even
  more foreground tiles and objects, and now I just might
  have a chance of implementing the Aliens Abuse characters
  into fRaBs. Be prepared for some more foreground and
  background, enemies, and a flashlight power-up!
- Working on another level with the red aliens tiles...
  these are always fun. It's nice and horizontal, unlike
  many of my 'falling mine-shaft' levels.
- I got news from an Italian magazine that fRaBs will be
  included with their monthly magazine on CD! More news as
  it comes!
- Also, this month, Kahn, a program that allows IPX function-
  ality over TCP/IP, became freeware! This is a wonderful
  program, with a tight user-base. It's similar to Kali, but
  much better IMO. Learn more about Kahn at:

  This effectively allows Abuse to be played over the Internet
  for free! Thanks to 'Tiny' and the other ops for helping to
  spread the word about fRaBs and to everyone who helped me out,
  and seeing past my poor IRC skills to help the innocent newbie.
  :) Props to you guys!


- Fixed up DM level bugs, and made a new small DM level.
- Been meaning to include this tidbit in the readme... you
  can find Satan Paint in /art

1/1/00 - Version 1.3

- Released fRaBs, fixed email at the bottom of the readme.


- Almost Y2K... made new medium DM level in 3 hours.


- Added 2 New DM levels based on the BUGS level.
- Modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp
- Fixed a bug that left the claudio addon support out of
  the DeathMatch games. Whoops!

12/22/99 - Version 1.2

- Added 3 New DM levels.
- Modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp

12/10/99 - Version 1.1

- Added Claudio Bolzoni's free Abuse object set in
- Modified /addon/claudio/claudio.lsp so that Abuse doesn't
  look for missing artwork. The original claudio.lsp can be
  found at */oldclaud.lsp
- Modified /abuse.lsp with updated enemy info
- Added /Edit.lsp with palette info (press P in the editor)

12/3/99 - Initial Version 1.0

- Deleted registered levels 5-21 in /levels
- Deleted all the original DeathMatch levels in /netlevel
- Deleted original documentation
- Deleted /addon/example
- Deleted all but two files from /music
- Modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp
- Added two new deathmatch levels and three new single
  player levels
- Modified the exit of /levels/LEVEL04.SPE to loop back to

Justin Cassidy