fRaBs  credits
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Without these folks, fRaBs wouldn't exist. So be nice to them if you see them anywhere.

Justin Cassidy - Level Designer and Project Founder
Ed Snible - Linux Port and TCP/IP code
Eitan Tal - Level Design
Ryan Cassidy - Hours of Playtesting and 'error-proofing'
Claudio Bolzoni - Artwork, Code and Enemies (Claudio's Objects)
Cypress - Level Design, Artwork, Title Screen and fRaBs Logo
Profound - Code, Artwork, Enemies, Weapons, and lots of help
Leon - Code, Artwork, and Enemies
Michael Moss - Aliens Abuse addon objects
Micah Ferrell - Level Sketches

And without these folks, Abuse wouldn't exist. So be really nice to them. They made up what used to be the
developer Crack Dot Com, and Abuse was their flagship game. It never ever got the attention it deserved, so if you
enjoy this game, then show your support for the efforts that they continue to make.

Jonathan Clark - Original Programmer
Doung Dai Nguyen - Level Design
Murray Macmillian - Art
Bobby Prince - Sound Effects
Oliver Yu - Macintosh Version
Dave Taylor - Funding & Direction

Justin Cassidy