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Last change on this file was 80, checked in by Sam Hocevar, 15 years ago
  • Adding the Golgotha source code. Not sure what's going to be interesting in there, but since it's all public domain, there's certainly stuff to pick up.
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1rem Please edit make\build_i4_make to reflect your msdev path (if not c:\msdev)
2rem Also edit i4\project.i4 to reflect your msdev path
4cd make
5call build_i4_make
6cd ..\golg
8cd ..\maxtool
10cd ..\test\cloud_test
11..\..\make\i4_make debug
12cd ..\g_install
13..\..\make\i4_make debug
14cd ..\lisp
15..\..\make\i4_make debug
16cd ..\spin_cube
17..\..\make\i4_make debug
18cd ..\web_crawl
19..\..\make\i4_make debug
20cd ..\font_test
21..\..\make\i4_make debug
22cd ..\ray_tracer
23..\..\make\i4_make debug
24cd ..\thread
25..\..\make\i4_make debug
26cd ..\..
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