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2 *  Abuse - dark 2D side-scrolling platform game
3 *  Copyright (c) 1995 Crack dot Com
4 *
5 *  This software was released into the Public Domain. As with most public
6 *  domain software, no warranty is made or implied by Crack dot Com or
7 *  Jonathan Clark.
8 */
[2]10#ifndef __COP_HPP_
11#define __COP_HPP_
13// functions defined for the main player,  these were translated because they
14// are called every tick and they were getting slow/complicated
16void *top_ai();
17void *laser_ufun(void *args);
18void *top_ufun(void *args);
19void *plaser_ufun(void *args);
20void *player_rocket_ufun(void *args);
21void *lsaber_ufun(void *args);
22void *cop_mover(int xm, int ym, int but);
23void *sgun_ai();
24void *ladder_ai();
25void *top_draw();
26void *bottom_draw();
27void *mover_ai();
[124]28void *respawn_ai();
[2]29void *score_draw();
30void *show_kills();
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