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1Twisted Minds - Demo of some objects and the DEATH RAY
4installation:   extract to addon directory. make sure you
5                unzip with the -d option. twist directory
6                and other sub-diractory will be created.
8make sure that the files are in:
9<abuse directory>\addon\twist
10<abuse directory>\addon\twist\art
11<abuse directory>\addon\twist\levels
12<abuse directory>\addon\twist\lisp
13<abuse directory>\addon\twist\sfx
15i am releasing this because i am excited due to
16the success of making the Death Ray work.
17i will make further releases when i come across
18other breakthroughs.
20you need registered abuse v2.0 for this to work!
21you can now press right shift to save!
23this addon is still HEAVILY under construction.
24there are bound to be bugs.
26i did not do the sounds for the new objects
27except for Death Ray.
29the files contained in this archive
30are demos only! the levels are not
31actual level (except l01s02.lvl) and
32are for demo purposes only!
34play through the four levels through
35edit mode. use god mode for the first few tries.
37impt notes!
39level1: demo stuff
40        use god mode.
41        you will first run through a series of sensors.
42        these sensors behave differently. i place a pointer
43        to where these sensors are. or you could just go to
44        edit mode.
46        you will then receive weapons. (if you don't have the
47        weapon, you can't fire even if you take ammo!)
48        i finally managed to make the last weapon work!!!:))))))
49        it will release a burst of energy.
50        it's a big round orb of purple coloured energy
51        (i got the gfx from doom - the bfg bullet. i just change the hue).
52        The Death Ray (what we will call that bullet) will eat through
53        everything until it hits the wall. The bullet has a lifetime of
54        100 state_time (i don't know how long that is. maybe 10 secs).
55        It will destroy most objects in the nearby areas and will release
56        a beam of light to an enemy and kill it (got idea from doom/quake2).
58        you will then encounter a large amount of blocks. stand back
59        and release one Death Ray (this is to show you what i mean
60        in the previous paragraph). you will see the death ray hit the block,
61        destroy it, and continues it's path. it doesn't dies out when it hits
62        the enemy :) one single blast could kill as many as 50+ ants provided
63        they are all bunched up together.
65        next is the walk rob. it can only be hurt when it is walking. so you
66        have to make it chase you and fire. once it dies, it will detach its head.
67        it moves like a flyer.
69        after that, you will see 3 switches beside someone who looks like you.
70        you can change the color by changing the aitype (0-9; note that 6,8,9 dosen't
71        work).
72        you may encounter some other objects that could change its color by changing
73        the aitype.
75level2: super mario bros
76        this is meant to be a secret level in Twisted Minds!
78        for first few tries, don't use god mode.
80        it's no fun when you use those fancy weapons. if mario can get through,
81        a big tough guy like you should have no problem. try to use the 1st weapon.
83        tileset + characters from super mario bros.
84        some pipes can be entered by pressing down.
85        if you fall into any pits, you should die instantly.
86        if you have god mode on just hit 'j' to jump to cursor position.
88        just like any mario, there is a warp zone. just know how to get to it.
90level3: raider demo
91        this is a quickly done level to show one of the vehicles.
92        it demonstrates some properties and fun stuff that the normal
93        player probably could not do.
94        once you reach the end, you will automatically go to next level.
96level4: redant demo
97        another quickly done level.
98        you don't need god mode to be on (trust me)
99        in the beginning of the level, do not turn on the switch.
100        move towards the crack and 50 ants will come out.
101        you can kill them all by jumping. if you got the fly power,
102        just right click and move from left to right, touching the ants.
104        if its getting late, go to a corner, and blast a death ray. see
105        all 50 ants die.
107        turn on the switch to end game.
110some objects
112i'm not listing down all the new objects i made;
113just some of the ones i think you should know.
115obj_cheat:      this object will automatically position itself to
116                the player's x y cords. you can perform cheats
117                by holding the right mouse button and type:
118                        vitalize        -add health
119                        arms            -all weapons
120                        reload          -full ammo
121                        steroids        -power fast
122                        liftoff         -power fly
123                        mirage          -power sneaky
124                        elixir          -power health
125                        visor           -power flare (not implemented yet)
126                        outcome         -completes the whole game
128                if you press any direction button, you will have to
129                retype the whole thing again
130                status: REMOVED
132obj_force:      use together with obj_holder.
133                hold an object together with obj_force.
134                you can make blocks that don't move, move.
135                see level 1 for example.
137sensor_gravity: if you stand in the sensor, you will be affected
138                by the gravity stated in its ai. you can make
139                the player heavier or lighter.
141sensor_music:   the music will change to the one stated in the ai.
143sensor_health:  if you stand in the sensor, your life will decrease/increase
144                according to its ai. use negative number to add health.
146sensor_level:   will change the level if you are within sensor's range.
147                in the ai, you will be asked for level and sector.
148                level is the first 2 digits of the filename and sector
149                is the last 2 digit of the file name. so if level = 2
150                and sector = 5, it will load "L02s05.lvl"
152sensor_teleport:behaves just like tele2 only that it will work when within
153                range. you can state whether pressing the action key is required
154                or not.
155                NOTE: do not link sensor_teleport to another sensor_teleport if
156                both of them do not need action key to activate!!! If the player
157                is in range, he will switch back and fourth continously.
159Chat Console (NEW!)
161While playing the game, press 'C' to toggle chat window (it now works even when not in multiplayer mode). type the commands on the chat window then enter.
163game stuff:
164/quit                   quits game
165/break                  breaks game
166/save                   saves a game (new! no more searching for save consoles!)
167/map mapname            loads a level
169cheat stuff:
170/god                    toggles god mode
171/notarget               toggles no target... enemy wont target you (not working properly yet)
172/noclip                 toggles clipping
173/jump                   jumps player to location of mouse
175/give all               gives all weapons and ammo
177/give weapons           gives all weapons
178/give lasergun          gives weapon lasergun
179/give grenadelauncher   gives weapon grenade launcher
180/give rocketlauncher    gives weapon rocket launcher
181/give firebomb          gives weapon firebomb
182/give plasmagun         gives weapon plasmagun
183/give lightsabre        gives weapon light sabre
184/give deathfrizbee      gives weapon death frizbee
185/give deathray          gives weapon deathray
187/give ammo              gives all ammo
188/give bullets           gives ammo bullets
189/give grenades          gives ammo grenades
190/give rockets           gives ammo rockets
191/give gasoline          gives ammo gasoline
192/give plasmacells       gives ammo plasma cells
193/give sabrecharger      gives ammo sabre charger
194/give frizbees          gives ammo frizbees
195/give bfgcells          gives ammo bfg cells
197/give powernone         player gets no power
198/give powerfast         player gets power fast
199/give powerfly          player gets power fly
200/give powersneaky       player gets power sneaky
201/give powerhealth       player gets power health
203/give compass           player gets compass
205/give ant               try it!
206/give death             try it!
207/power overwhelming     try it!
208/there is no cow level  try it!
209/iddqd                  try it!
210/idkfa                  try it!
211/idclev                 try it!
213/profound               displays about
214/munir                  displays about
215/about                  displays about
217/tip                    displays random game tip
219new updates!!!
221you can now press right shift at any time to save game!
223in the previous update, you will need to find the gun before you can shoot, even if you already have the ammo. this is okay for twisted minds but there are people who may want to use the death ray code to work on their own or the abuse's original levels. if the original level is loaded into twisted minds, the player will have difficulty as he cannot get weapons as ammo is nothing without it. i made some changes and it should work now. if you play twisted minds, you will still need the gun but if you load twisted minds with the -f command to load external levels, you wont need the gun to shoot anymore. also note that in the original abuse, there are no death ray ammo so if you want to use it, you have to cheat a little. under the chat window, type "/give deathray" <enter> followed by "/give bfgcells" <enter>. there you have it!
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