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1;;;; This document is provided as is and no support is provided for
2;;;; it by Origin or Crack dot Com.  Use at your own risk.. blah blah blah
4;;;; This file shows how to create a abuse level which uses your own
5;;;; tiles without messing up the main abuse direcory structure & files.
6;;;; The first important point is where to put your stuff.
8;;;; All addons to abuse should be placed in the directory addon/
9;;;; Abuse does not require this to be done, but it's a good idea so the
10;;;; user can easily find/install/remove various addons.
11;;;; if you do not already have the directory c:\abuse\addon, make it now.
13;;;; If you created foretiles for abuse (using Satan Paint) you should
14;;;; start numbering them at 1200 because the last of the registered
15;;;; tiles end at 1100 something.  Backtiles should start numbering at 350.
16;;;; The command to renumber in Satan Paint is
17;;;; /renumber 1200 "%d" 0-last
18;;;; this renumbers all loaded tiles starting at 1200
20;;;; Remember all images must be changed to the 'foretile' or 'backtile' type
21;;;; The spaint command to do this is
22;;;; /with all type foretile          (or)
23;;;; /with all type backtile
25;;;; To have your tiles loaded into the game, you should create your
26;;;; own Lisp Startup File (you can just copy this file and replace
27;;;; the names with your own.
29;;;; ****************** RUNNING PACKAGES *******************
30;;;; For example to run this package, you should type :
31;;;; abuse -a example
32;;;; -a will load up the file addon/example/example.lsp
33;;;; if you make a directory addon/joe and have a file joe.lsp in there
34;;;; you can start abuse with abuse -a joe
36;;;; ****************** CREATING PACKAGES *******************
37;;;; to archive this package you should do the following
38;;;;   DOS :
39;;;;     cd c:\abuse\addon
40;;;;     pkzip -rp example\*.*
41;;;;   UNIX :
42;;;;     cd ~/abuse/addon
43;;;;     tar cvf - example/ | gzip -9 -c > example.tar.gz
46;;;; ****************** INSTALLING PACKAGES *******************
47;;;; to install this package you should type
48;;;;   DOS :
49;;;;     cd c:\abuse\addon
50;;;;     pkunzip -d
51;;;;   UNIX :
52;;;;     cd ~/abuse/addon
53;;;;     gunzip -c example.tar.gz | tar xvf -
58;;;; Now the meat of this package :
59;;;; Note that slashes should be FORWARD slashes even if
60;;;; you are using DOS
62;; load up some tiles I made.  You can add more filenames
63;; if you wish, but they should all be loaded from 'your' dir.
64(load_tiles "addon/example/example.spe")
66;; set the first level to the one I made
67(set_first_level "addon/example/example.lvl")
69;; load up the normal abuse startup file
70(load "abuse.lsp")
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