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1This is a modified version of Aliens Abuse. I tinkered with it until
2it was compact, and the objects that I wanted with fRaBs were intact
3and the extraneous stuff was gone.
5Aliens Abuse was originally created by Michael Moss in 1997. This
6slimmed down version can be copied and added to any registered
7version of Abuse by simply editing Abuse.lsp to:
9'load addon/aliens/astartup.lsp
11and, of course, copying the /addon/aliens folder. If anyone wants to
12run the original Aliens addon with fRaBs then you'll have to rename
13this folder and unzip the new archive into /addon/aliens. I haven't
14tested this, so fRaBs may/may not work with the original Aliens
15addon without undoing some of the LISP changes I made.
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