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sdlport: Add support for SDL2, inculding the game controller API. Configure
script will check for SDL2 and use it if present, otherwise it will fall
back to SDL v1. Some old SDL v1 features not implemented yet on SDL2, such
as saving screenshots.

core: Small change for SDL2 game controller API to disable the game
controller in the save/load game menu.

Summary of game controller API changes:

  • Enable with -gamepad
  • Tested with PS3 dualshock 3.
  • D-pad moves, right analog controls aiming
  • X: change weapon, []: jump, R1: fire, L1: special ability, /\:use/activate
  • All menu navigation requires the mouse, which is disabled during normal game play.
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[161]4Sam Hocevar <>
[618]5  Major bugfixing
6  Current code maintainer
7  Debian package maintainer
[731]9Jonathan Simpson <>
10  SDL2 port
11  Game controller support
[2]13Anthony Kruize <>
[618]14  SDL port maintainer
16Jeremy Scott
[618]17  Win32 DirectX port and ideas
[618]19Jochen Schleu <>
20  Music playback support
[2]22Arto Jantunen
[618]23  Previous Debian package maintainer
24  Suggestions and bug reports/fixes
26Michael Olson
[618]27  Bug fixes
29Ed Snible
[618]30  Performance tweaks
[618]33  Improvements to the Make and Configure scripts
35Bob Ippolito
[618]36  Bug fixes
38Joris Beugnies
[618]39  OpenGL Support
41Ben Hines
[618]42  Bug fixes for Mac OS X
44Julian Mayer
[618]45  Bug fixes for Mac OS X
47Crack Dot Com <>
[618]48  The best 2D platform shooter ever... Abuse!
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