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1Abuse and related source code for the Win32 port.  March 4, 2001
3This code represents the current state of the Win32 port.
4You'll need MS VC6 to compile it; make sure you update your include
5directories to point to the various places where the .h files are
8The Abuse32 code has been by far the most worked on, and differs
9the most from the original Abuse-pd release.  Almost every file has
10been reformatted to reflect my coding style (because VC can do it
11automagically and it makes it easier for me to read), although
12for the most part the actual code hasn't changed.
14Good luck with it; I'll be happy to answer any questions about it,
15so long as they're code-related and not things like "How do I get
16this to compile?" or other IDE-related questions.
18--Jeremy Scott
19University of Idaho ITS LabSoft
22icq:756264 (home), 377349 (work)
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