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  • Importing an old Win32 port by Jeremy "Marauder" Scott.
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2; This .REG file may be used by your SETUP program.
3;   If a SETUP program is not available, the entries below will be
4;   registered in your InitInstance automatically with a call to
5;   CWinApp::RegisterShellFileTypes and COleObjectFactory::UpdateRegistryAll.
7HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.lsp = LispEditor.Document
8HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LispEditor.Document\shell\open\command = LISPEDITOR.EXE %1
9HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LispEditor.Document\shell\open\ddeexec = [open("%1")]
10HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LispEditor.Document\shell\open\ddeexec\application = LISPEDITOR
11    ; note: the application is optional
12    ;  (it defaults to the app name in "command")
14HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\LispEditor.Document = LISP code
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