source: abuse/branches/pd/macabuse/imlib/include/doscall.hpp @ 161

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  • Imported original public domain release, for future reference.
File size: 421 bytes
1#include "macs.hpp"
3struct rminfo {
4  long edi,esi,ebp,resv,ebx,edx,ecx,eax;
5  ushort flags, es,ds,fs,gs,ip,cs,sp,ss;
6} ;
9extern void RM_intr(int intr, struct rminfo *rm);      // do a real-mode interrupt
10extern void *alloc_low_memory(long size);              // size in bytes
11extern void free_low_memory(void *ptr);
12extern long low_memory_available();                     // returns size of largest allocatable block
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