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I. The Basics
II. Cheats
III. Enemies
IV. Weapons
V. Powerup Items
VI. Episodes/Levels
VII. Maps

The Basics

Controls in Abuse are fairly simple. You aim a cursor
around the screen that determines what direction you
fire in with the mouse. Clicking the left mouse button
fires. You move the player with the keyboard direction
keys. 'Up' climbs up ladders and also functions as the
jump button. 'Down' works with switches and moves you
through doors and teleporters. You will eventually find
powerup items that will allow you to fly or run faster.
These are activated with the right mouse button.

There are a number of weapons to be found in the game.
Either use the number keys to toggle between weapons or
the CTRL and INS keys to cycle to the left and right.
The player starts with 100 health, and there are hearts
and medkits that will replenish your energy.

There are hidden areas throughout the single-player and
multiplayer levels that are accessible by shooting
walls, or sometimes by shooting an invisible trigger
either on or off screen.

If it doesn't look like you, kill it quickly. :)

Throughout the game there are several save-positions that
are activated by pressing 'down'. You can save over one of
five slots. These files are named 'Save000X.spe' where X
equals the numbers 1 through 5 (the number of the slot you
saved over). These files can be renamed if you want to free
your save slots, and still keep your older savegames. You
can also load these files in the level editor.

Before playing the single-player game, make sure you run
the setup file and configure your sound card's settings.


By running the single-player game in edit mode, you have
access to the god mode cheat (Shift+Z). You can also use the
'J' key to 'jump' your player to the position of your mouse
cursor, and use any of the other editor functions to aid you.
If you're not careful though, you can save over the original
levels... so make sure you're either playing from a savefile,
or a backup copy of the level.

Normal restart positions always restart the player with 100
health. However, in fRaBs there is a new variant which
remembers the player's health that may be used in some
levels, so don't depend on this.

In edit mode, you can press SHIFT to save the game. This
acts like your personal, invisible save point machine. :-)


ANT: Very plentiful little alien creatures that shoot you with
     a variety of weapons. Here's a guide of their attributes,
     which vary depending on their color. I may add some new
     colors to fRaBs in the future, namely green. Thanks to
     Leon's new addons, the Ants have a variety of different
     behaivor routines, death sequences, and even new weapons
     to kill you with.

     Maroon   - Very common ants that fire short-range yellow
                lasers that are similar to your original gun.

     Blue     - Also common. These guys fire orange lasers that
                are stronger and slower than those of the maroon
                ants. They also have extremely long range.

     Brown    - In groups and on ceilings, these guys can be a
                pain with their grenades.

     Yellow   - IMO these guys are slightly less dangerous than
                the grenade ants. Their rockets are easier to
                dodge in many instances, unless you're close.

     Orange   - These ants fire plasma gun. Kill them quickly or
                they'll make their mark.

     Gold     - BEWARE! Their firebombs can kill you in one hit,
                even if you have full life. One is dangerous, and
                a group is nearly unstoppable.

     Red      - Very rare. These guys fire the death frisbee, and
                they can't aim them too well. Not a big problem.

     Purple   - Lightsaber ants will roast you if you try to shake
                their hands, but if you keep your distance they are

     Green    - Green is my favorite color, so I had to make a new
                green ant for fRaBs. It doesn't shoot anything at
                the moment, and it might not ever. It's just a cute,
                agressive little bug that will jump on you for fun.
                This has been taken out for now because of errors.

     DarkBlue - This one shoots plasma bullets like the flyers do,
                but for some reason he makes the game crash, so you
                probably won't be seeing him in levels anytime soon.
                Removed due to errors.

     Gray     - These guys come in a few varieties, and they tend to
                be very difficult. Their new weapon may be shared by
                flyers and whatnot as well. There are three different
                types of gray ant at the moment.

                1) Fires single, white laser.
                2) Fires three white lasers.
                3) Fires five white lasers.

                They tend to be smarter than normal ants, and also
                have more vitality. The new ones that fire five lasers
                will kill you very quickly, but the other two aren't
                pushovers unless you have lots of weaponry at your
                disposal. Thank Leon for these little buggers.

ALIENS: Straight from the famous horror flicks (and originally
        from the Aliens Doom TC). They are faster than Ants and
        tend to pack more of a wallop, not afraid to come in
        close and tear you apart.

     Drone    - They're small, dark green, and fearless. They're
                able to shoot acid, and are hard to see in the
                dark. In groups they will jump you quickly, so
                make sure you have your heavy weapons ready.

     Face     - Tiny yellow spider-like creatures that come out
     Hugger     of eggs and jars. Again, they're deadly in groups.

     Warrior  - Bigger and badder than the drone, but they act
                similarly. Flamethrowers or plasma does the trick.

FLYER: Another common enemy. They fly and most of the time
       they shoot little plasma bullets. There are three
       distinct varieties. Sometimes you can catch them
       carrying ants or boulders.

     Who      - Brown and flat, they follow you and are easy targets.
                They can only shoot the plasma bullets.

     Flyer    - These guys look cool, with their miniature helicopter
                mechanical look. Watch it though, as they can fire
                any one weapon at any speed, and they're tough to hit
                because of their compact size. The new ant weapons
                apply to flyers as well, so be on the lookout.

     Green    - Bigger and a tad slower, but otherwise they're not any
     Flyer      different then their smaller counterparts. Most of the
                time in fRaBs they will be harder than their smaller
                bretheren, with faster firing rates and tougher weapons.

     Walking  - It's a tossup where this guy goes in the enemies list.
     Rob Head   It usually shoots rockets at a brisk rate, so take out
                the heavy weapons when you see one.

LARGE FLYERS: Behemoth ships that will make you hurt.

     Death    - They look like UFOs, and there's one right at the
     Umbrella   beginning of fRaBs. Shoot it more and it will hit
                you with heavier firepower. It will shoot firebombs
                if you provoke it enough.

     Ant Ship - A huge ship piloted by a tiny ant. I'll probably
                make them tougher to kill than the Death Umbrellas,
                with more life and more firebombs. Otherwise they
                act the same.

     Death    - Notable for the interesting sound they make, they
     Skull      aren't large, but they have the same attributes.
                Unlike the other larger flyers, a Death Skull
                starts exploding before it dies, so make sure
                you shoot them until you know they're dead.

ROBS: Various enemies with different properties.
      I grouped them together because they all act
      in predictable fashions.

     Droid    - Shoots a barrage of any bullet type, and then
                walks towards the player. They're small, grey
                robots that look similar to you.

     Jugger   - Big, fat green guys that shoot grenades at
                different velocities. There's also a variety
                of Juggers that look like Droids.

     Rob1     - Cleaner robots with big blades. They'll chase
                you down corridors at varying speeds. You'll
                sometimes face these robots double-decked on
                top of each other, and in one level there is
                a grenade turret tacked on one's back. These
                variations are sure to cause trouble.

     T-Rex    - These dinosaurs will chomp you up at close range.

     WalkRob  - They act like Droids, but are generally bigger
                and stronger.

TURRETS: These are circular, wall-mounted guns that fire
         in nearly any direction, with any of the weapon types
         that ants and flyers can use. You'll find them in
         various situations and positions. When they're not
         firing, they serve as platforms. When they are firing,
         you may be able to take advantage of their killing
         power... generally, a turret does not discriminate
         friend and foe. However, there are a separate
         variety of turrets which track your position.


At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the weapons you
have available. All you need to do is find some ammo, and
viola! You will gain some fun new toys.

      Laser   - The classic laser, reminiscent of the blasters from
      Rifle     Star Wars. You get ammo for this to make it fire
                faster, but even if you don't, your gun will still
                shoot. Your gun will shoot at the same rate with 999
                ammo as with 15... just as long as you have some
                ammunition, you'll get the same faster firing rate.

      Grenade - A grenade launcher can clear rooms fairly quickly.
                Death from above!

      Rockets - Heat-seeking rockets chase various objects around.

      Napalm  - AKA Firebomb. The ultimate room clearer, this kills
                nearly everything in it's path.

      Plasma  - Plasma guns send an instantaneous charge to your
                happy target that doesn't end until you let the
                trigger loose.

      Light   - Another Star Wars throwback, this is a gun with a
      Saber     short beam that you can hold down and swing around.
                About as strong as napalm at close range.

      Frisbee - Similar to rockets, you can aim these around with
                your mouse. Try firing a bunch of these in the air,
                and sending them towards a target...

      Death   - The 'New Weapon'. It's a tossup whether this clears
      Ray       rooms better than the Firebomb, but when you fire a
                blast, it will shoot out little lasers that attack
                whatever enemies are in the vicinity. This is taken
                from Profound's excellent Twisted Minds addon.

Powerup Items

These items will give the player special abilities. The
current ability icon will be located in the upper-right
corner of the screen when you pick it up. All power up
items are lost at the end of a level, or if the certain
level has an area that takes your powerup away.

      Speed   - A chip with a thunderbolt on it. It will make you run
                faster and jump higher as long as you hold the right
                mouse button.
      Flight  - A chip with a wing on it. This item will allow you to
                fly as long as you hold the right mouse button.
      Stealth - A chip with some ovals on it. Useless in the normal
                single-player game, it's enveloping invisibility is a
                handy tool in a heated deathmatch.
      Health  - This handy item will give you 100 health and allow you
                to obtain a maximum of 200 health. On varying modes of
                difficulty, this item will give less benefits.
      Lamp    - This is a tiny little scope object. It creates a light
                around the player. Sadly it isn't quite working right
                at the moment.


The very first single-player level in fRaBs is a
transition level. It is arranged so that there are
three 'rows' of teleporters that take you to each
episode/single level. On the top level, where
the player starts in the forest, there are two
teleporters. Here is the order, from left to right.


  1. Abuse Shareware Episode

  These are the original five levels that came with
  shareware Abuse. If you're a newbie to the game, these
  are a good place to start. The first level is a
  training level to get the player acquainted wit the
  controls, and the other four are all quality levels.

  2. Abuse Custom Level Project Pak / Cypress' Levels

  This project was started by Cypress, and eventually me
  and EitanTal contributed as well. However, with fRaBs
  the levels have been rearranged and now I probably
  should just call this 'Cypress' Levels'... the last
  level here also uses his new custom artwork. :)

  1. ACLPXX (Level06.spe) by Cypress
  A fairly easy starting level... it gets tougher as it
  goes on though. Be sure to look for all of the secrets
  because you'll need them to get through. At one point
  you will have to find a hidden wall and blast it with
  grenades to keep going.

  2. AB2DTH02 (Level07.spe) by Cypress
  This is a maze-type level. Very non-linear... make sure
  you try every teleporter. This was originally part of
  another one of Cypress' projects, 'Abused to Death'.

  3. AB2DTH04 (Level08.spe) by Cypress and /Messiah\
  Many of the 'Abused to Death' levels were just outlines,
  with fully drawn maps but no objects or enemies. Cypress
  sketched the map and I added in the objects. There are
  two distinct routes to the exit, just like the following
  level, only here you choose your path from the outset.

  4. Figure8 (Level09.spe) by /Messiah\
  This level is a step up from the previous in difficulty
  and like many of my single player levels, the fun comes
  from just blasting all the stuff that comes at you.
  There are two distinct paths that you can take to the
  exit after the second savepoint, so if you have trouble
  with one, try the other.

  5. Untitled (Level10.spe) by /Messiah\
  Short level, centered around a final showdown with a
  powerful foe. Check out the artwork... :)


If you fall below the forest line, you'll go into a
cave with some ants. Here, there is one teleporter.


  3. Justin's Levels

  This is going to be a vantage point for most of the rest
  of the single player levels I make... I may make others
  whose purpose is to start off other episodes, but my plan
  is to concentrate my efforts here.

  1. Trench II (Level11.spe) by /Messiah\
  A tough level centered around long vertical fallaways. At
  the bottom of these are firebomb turrets that will rip you
  apart. Bottom line: Keep shooting, don't fall, and remember
  that the firebomb ammo is there for a reason. :)

  2. Entrenched (Level12.spe) by /Messiah\
  This level acts as a sort of intermediary hub to my levels,
  as well as to the Aliens Abuse episode. It dwarfs most of
  my other levels, and has some very cool features, like
  underwater lakes. Keep in mind that the first exit you
  see may not be the best exit for you; this level has a
  total of five exits. Keep in mind that on harder levels of
  difficulty, the water may be impossible to move through, so
  you may be forced to take one of the earlier exits.

  3. Unfriendly Skies (Level13.spe) by /Messiah\
  This is the first exit in Level12 that I warned you about.
  It's a short level, and if you can get the hang of how it
  works then it will be fairly easy. You start out with a fly
  powerup, and the idea is to follow the 'path' of pillars and
  hit all of the switches. The only problem is that you are
  followed by firebomb turrets which will easily incinerate
  you if you aren't careful, or get off the 'path'.

  4. Pancake (Level14.spe) by /Messiah\
  If you make it all the way through Level12 to it's intended
  end, then you will skip the evil Level13 and go here. This
  level has tons of flying objects, and it's horizontal, like
  a pancake. You'll end up facing plenty of difficult foes,
  from gray ants to ANT_SHIPs and UFOs.

  5. (Level15.spe) by /Messiah\ and MJF
  There are two ways to make it here. Firstly, there is a
  secret exit in Level12 near the beginning of the level that
  will take you here. I won't tell you how to find this exit,
  but I will just say that it has to do with the first four
  save points in Level12. The other option is to beat Level14,
  of course. :)

  My roommate and good friend got the ideas for this level.
  His initials are MF. The layout of this level is his, and I
  populated it with new artwork and some enemies and whatnot.

  6. (Level16.spe) by /Messiah\ **Not Finished Yet**


There is a little section of Level12 that tapers off into
a green cave. This is actually the beginning of an entirely
new episode not accessible from the main hub - the Aliens
Abuse episode.


  A. Aliens Abuse

  This episode is named for it's special enemies derived
  from the Aliens Abuse addon by Michael Moss. Eventually
  some of the levels in this episode will use those little
  alien guys.

  1. Leon1_2 (Level30.spe) by Leon
  The old Level30 sucked and I accidentally included an
  incomplete version. So, out went that level and in came
  an excellent level by Leon. I added in a secret exit
  somewhere, so if you can find it you're good. The secret
  exit is not shown on the map JPEG so you'll have to be
  sharp. :-)


Fall further and there's a flat area with caves going
both left and right. On the left-hand side, there is one
exit, and on the right there are shafts with room
for 10 (!!) exits. However, at the moment there are only
three exits total on this bottom floor. Starting from the
left-hand side:


  4. Eitan's Levels

  Here you can find many of EitanTal's best levels. They
  tend to be long, with lots of enemies and puzzles. This
  episode is definately only for the hardened Abuse veteran.
  You might want to go through the other levels first, in
  order to pick up extra ammo in order to tackle this one.

  1. Untitled (Level17.spe) by /Messiah\
  This level is similar to some of Eitan's, so I put it in
  the same little episode. There are two exits on this one,
  and both are fairly hidden. One is only accessible via a
  secret passage that takes you back through the first part
  of the level, and the other is found by blasting your way
  through the catacombs and cleaner robots and finding the
  fly powerup. If you're too greedy then the previously
  mentioned secret passage will be blocked off.

  2. Eitan2 (Level18.spe) by EitanTal
  A fairly easy level in comparison to the former, although
  it still takes quite a bit of practice. Lots and lots of
  respawning ROBs in this one.

  3. Eitan3 (Level19.spe) by EitanTal
  This level is a bit tougher, and you never seem to quite
  have the exit in reach, and oftentimes you're tricked into
  a sense of false security. Another level that requires you
  to have quick thinking and reflexes.

  4. Eitan6 (Level20.spe) by EitanTal
  If you find the secret exit in Level17, you end up here.
  Eitan doesn't make very many subterranean levels, but this
  is a bit of an exception. Lots of different paths to the
  exit in this level.

  5. Eitan4 (Level21.spe) by EitanTal
  This used to be Level08.spe in the second episode, but I felt
  it was best placed here instead. This level began as a tiny
  unfinished fragment of a level by me, and Eitan made it into a
  huge floating fortress-type level. The only problem was that
  there were a few sections that were obnoxiously difficult, so
  I made a few slight 'modifications' in the gameplay so that I
  didn't have such a hard time. That said, this level is still
  very difficult, just like the rest of this episode.

  5. Abuse!

  The whole level spells 'Abuse!' and there's all sorts of
  cool gimmicks. Another tough puzzler by EitanTal, its
  big enough and it's Abuse 'theme' makes it deserve its own

  1. Abuse! (Level70.spe) by EitanTal
  There is one section with these 'switches' that you need
  to turn on and off and find the right combination in order
  to pass. Without the answers, it is a very annoying trial
  and error procedure. The answers will be included in the
  next version of fRaBs... as I'll need to go and ask Eitan
  for them (or do the switches myself).

  6. Justin's Old Stuff

  These three levels are older single releases by me, all
  packed into a short-running three-level episode. It's
  a little tough, but shouldn't take long to finish for the
  average Abuse player.

  1. Jungle Underground (Level71.spe) by /Messiah\
  Named for the Jungle in the beginning, and the underground
  hideout that ends the level. Plasma and grenades are the
  weapons of choice here. The trick to getting through the
  area with the cleaning robot with the grenade turret on top
  of it is to stay between it and the grenades it shoots. It
  can provide useful cover against the hordes of blue ants that
  spew forth from the walls.

  2. Orange Ant (Level72.spe) by /Messiah\
  There's two ways to the exit in this level, but only the one
  to the right has a save point. The left exit is for the real
  brave souls, but you'll be rewarded with lots of extra weapons
  if you take this route. Also, there are plenty of orange-colored
  ants to take care of, but you probably figured as much.

  3. DDBoulder (Level73.spe) by /Messiah\
  The first area is full of ammo for the laser rifle. Don't be
  greedy here or you'll be sorry. The rest of the level is a
  fairly straightforward romp. Don't be afraid to let the wall
  turrets help you.

Justin Cassidy