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[2.4.x] The MARIO_OBJECT Set

Congrats! You've found the semi-hidden page on the Mario objects. If
you have never tried fRaBs before you may be wondering "What the Hell
does Mario have to do with Abuse".

Thanks to Profound's 'Twisted Minds' addon for Abuse, fRaBs has a very
nice set of objects taken from the classic NES game, Super Mario Bros.
Authentic question-mark blocks, foreground art, goombas, koopas, pipes,
and even Mario and Luigi themselves. You're still Nick Vrenna aka the
Abuse Guy, and your job is to kill all this crazy shit. Yep. If that
means killing Mario and Luigi themselves, then so be it. :)

The conversions are not perfectly accurate to the original Super Mario
Bros. but Profound has come damn close. And if I may say so, the idea
of making my own Mario levels for Abuse was quite cool. :) If you want
to actually make your own levels for Super Mario Bros. on your computer,
you might want to visit Zophar's Domain for some emulation-related
files that can get you started.

Now let's take a look at the objects.

        These are the brownish 'brick' blocks that Super Mario could bust
        open with his head. As for you, you have to shoot them. Their AI
        can be changed so that when they are shot they leave a gift for
        the player in the form of a Mushroom, Flower or Star.

        This block is the metal question-block that has already been shot
        before. It is merely scenery and does nothing.

        The question-block. It acts like the brick blocks only when shot
        it leaves the metal BLOCKH behind, just like the regular question
        blocks in Super Mario Bros... when you hit them with your head,
        you couldn't hit them again.

        The classic missile turret. Don't try jumping on the missiles to
        kill them... neither the missiles nor the Bullet Bill itself are
        able to take damage from any weapon.

        Remember the little brown goombas? :) Like all the Mario objects,
        jumping on them is useless... just blast them with a weapon. On
        the default settings, these guys are pathetically easy, so don't
        waste any powerful weapons on them unless you're just feeling
        really really heartless.

        It's a koopa with a green shell. You'll notice that both this and
        the goomba act really similar. Neither have any reservations about
        walking straight into pits, so make sure you structure your levels
        so that they can put up a fight.

        Luigi apparently has problems with futuristic-looking guys in armor
        with laser guns and whatnot, so he tries his best to fend you off
        with his slowly-bouncing fireballs. Maybe it threatens his sense of
        masculinity... who knows.

        Mario's faster than Luigi and he shoots faster fireballs as well.
        Neither are very difficult though, and both are quite happy walking
        off of cliffs. I'll bet you were the same way by the time you made
        it to Level 8-3 in Super Mario Bros. I know I was.

        This is a pipe object that crosses. You'll probably want to attach
        other pipe objects to it because it looks pretty silly alone. NOTE
        ABOUT THE PIPE OBJECTS - The player may fall through them when just
        standing on top, so they may need to be reinforced with a few of the
        HIDDEN_BLOCK objects.

        This is a pipe that opens downward. Good for placing on the ceiling.

        Neither end of these pipes open. If you attach the other PIPE objects
        to one of these, you can get some pretty long looking pipes.

        You guessed it... one opens left, and one opens right.

        These are the pipes that you could press down on and go into secret
        areas with. Perfect for use with MARIO_VENUS or the SENSOR_TELEPORTER

        Unlike coins in Mario, these coins give you a whopping 4 health.
        Don't risk your life for one of these.

        The Fire Flower doesn't let you shoot fireballs... the flamethrower
        does good enough in that regard. Instead, this acts similar to the
        POWER_HEALTH object and rewards you with an immediate 20-health gain
        and the ability to gain up to 200 health.

        This acts just like a POWER_FAST object. Sorry, no invincibility.

        The classic super mushroom gives you 20 health, just like the HEART
        or the MEDKIT does.

        The Mario artwork set has a whopping four foreground tiles. All the
        other scenery is in the form of objects, such as this bridge. They
        were in those flying fish levels in Super Mario Bros, and they don't
        act any differently in Abuse. Stand on these or fall into pits...
        your choice.

        You'll recognize this little green bush. Provides nice scenic effect.

        Put a few of these in the sky if you're keen on staying true to the
        original Mario levels.

        Same with these little green hills.

        If you want to get funky, add a bigass hill instead of a little one.
        These dwarf all the other Mario objects. :)

        These small girder platforms don't act like SMART_PLATFORMs, but you
        can still do some interesting things with them if you use OBJ_MOVERs.

        Small trees and big trees. Both of these were everywhere in the
        normal Mario levels.

        The classic pirahna plant. It's a bit more deadly this time around,
        so I recommend you shoot it on sight.

        At the end of every fourth stage in Super Mario Bros, you always had
        to face a variation of Bowser. There are no Bowser objects in the
        object set... instead, we have a huge Yoshi that licks you to death.
        It's pretty cute :). Make sure you give it lots of life because if you
        don't then he will die fast.

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Justin Cassidy