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2message_name        params expected                  returns
4build               list(type cursor_x, cursor_y)    0, non-0  (for true/false)
5                    type=object ype
6                    cursor_x & y = poxition on pad
7  - sent by build window to objects to see if they can build a specific type
8    of unit.
10convoy_deployed     li_g1_objref                     0
11                    (pointer to convoy)
12  - sent by convoy to factory when it is sent somewhere, factory clears it's
13    build pad and build pad window.
16on                  0                                0
17  - sent by triggers, switches, etc to objects they are attached to when
18    they turn on.  The user can modify this message, but on is the default
20off                 0                                0
21  - sent by triggers etc to objects they are attached to when
22    they turn off.  The user can modify this message, but off is the default
24set_course         start_object                      0, non-0 (not ACKed/ACKed)
25  - sent by factories to objects when they built
28reached             path_object_reached              0
29  - signals an object that a new path point has been reached
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