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  • Adding the Golgotha source code. Not sure what's going to be interesting in there, but since it's all public domain, there's certainly stuff to pick up.
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1/********************************************************************** <BR>
2  This file is part of Crack dot Com's free source code release of
3  Golgotha. <a href=""> <BR> for
4  information about compiling & licensing issues visit this URL</a>
5  <PRE> If that doesn't help, contact Jonathan Clark at
6 (Subject should have "GOLG" in it)
9__inline w32 get_clock()
11        w32 res;
12        __asm   {
13                push eax
14                push edx
15                __emit 0x0F
16                __emit 0x31
17                mov res,eax
18                pop edx
19                pop eax
20        }
21        return res;
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