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2 *  Abuse - dark 2D side-scrolling platform game
3 *  Copyright (c) 1995 Crack dot Com
4 *
5 *  This software was released into the Public Domain. As with most public
6 *  domain software, no warranty is made or implied by Crack dot Com or
7 *  Jonathan Clark.
8 */
10#ifndef _MDL_READ_HPP_
11#define _MDL_READ_HPP_
12#include "palette.hpp"
13#include "image.hpp"
15// end ==-1 the read all images  startn==1 first image
16short mdl_total_images(char *fn);
17image **read_mdl(char *fn, palette *&pal, short startn, short endn, short &total);
18void write_mdl(image **images, short total_images, palette *pal,char *fn,
19        short firstpage=0, short images_per_page=20);
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