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7   <title>The Free Abuse Project</title>
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10<font color="#FFFFFF"><u><font size=+4>fRaBs</font></u><i>&nbsp;
12<br><a href="index.html">Main</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF"> - </font></i><a href="pages/updates.html">Updates</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF">
13- </font></i><a href="pages/single.html">Single Player</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF">
14- </font></i><a href="pages/dm.html">Deathmatch</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF">
15- </font></i><a href="pages/editor.html">Level Editing</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF">
16- </font></i><a href="pages/faq.html">FAQ</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF">
17- </font></i><a href="pages/credits.html">Credits</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF">
18- </font></i><a href="pages/links.html">Links</a>
19<p><i><font color="#FFFFFF">What is Abuse?</font></i>
20<p><font color="#FFFFFF">Abuse is a side-scrolling action game with a unique
21<a href="pages/single.html#The Basics">control</a>
22system. You move the player with</font>
23<br><font color="#FFFFFF">the arrow keys, while you aim his gun with the
24mouse. In the original shareware version, released</font>
25<br><font color="#FFFFFF">in 1995, there were four levels, and a highly
26flexible level editor. The registered version, available</font>
27<br><font color="#FFFFFF">for DOS, came with IPX support and lots of new
28items and fun stuff. Abuse was programmed by</font>
29<br><font color="#FFFFFF">Jonathan Clark and start-up developer
30<a href="">Crack
31Dot Com</a>. The retail version was published by Origin</font>
32<br><font color="#FFFFFF">and Electronic Arts, and can be found today in
33a number of action-game compilations.</font>
34<p><i><font color="#FFFFFF">What is fRaBs?</font></i>
35<p>fRaBs is just a silly acronym for 'Free Abuse'. <font color="#FFFFFF">It
36has the network support of the registered version,</font>
37<br><font color="#FFFFFF">but also comes equipped with many new single
38player and deathmatch levels, as well as additional</font>
39<br><font color="#FFFFFF">enemies and artwork, all coming from outside,
40free sources. A list of updates and modifications can</font>
41<br><font color="#FFFFFF">be found in the <a href="pages/updates.html">updates</a>
42section. As far as I know, there is no material in this archive that is
44<br><font color="#FFFFFF">public domain. I sure hope that the acronym is
45justified. :-)</font>
46<p><i><font color="#FFFFFF">Download fRaBs!</font></i>
47<p><font color="#FFFFFF"><b><u><a href="">fRaBs 2.1</a></u></b>
48is the current version of fRaBs, as of the time of this documentation.
49There's lots of new</font>
50<br><font color="#FFFFFF">levels and code, so make sure you replace any
51older versions. <b><a href="">Download - 5.40MB</a></b></font>
52<p>If you have already downloaded version 2.0, there is a <a href="">patch</a>
53available that will update your version
54<br>of fRaBs to version 2.1. Unzip the patch to the fRaBs root directory
55and it should overwrite all of
56<br>the necessary files. In the future these patches will be smaller, as
57I will keep better track of what I
58<br>do to the HTML documentation. <b><a href="">Download -
60<p><font color="#FFFFFF">If there are any questions that aren't addressed
61in the documentation, feel free to drop me a line.</font>
62<p><font color="#FFFFFF">Justin Cassidy</font>
63<br><a href="mailto: messiah15@*spam-me-and-die*"></a>
64<p><img SRC="images/ssig.GIF" NOSAVE height=17 width=20>
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