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5This is basically registered Abuse, with slight modifications
6and removal of material that might not be public domain. Abuse
7is a side-scrolling action game made by the now-defunct
8Crack dot Com. It's an excellent single and multi-player game,
9with a superb level editor and a unique control system.
15* Satan Paint, the artwork editor for Abuse, is included in
16fRaBs, along with the generic DOS4GW. Check the /art folder.
18* Thanks for all your support and comments folks, I'm glad
19you all are still interested in the reigning king of action
20side-scrolling games. Rock on!
22* Claudio's addon enhances this version of Abuse with many new
23enemies and objects. Aliens Abuse objects and art are also
24included. However, do not try to run the original versions of
25these addons with fRaBs, as these versions have had significant
26and necessary changes so that they work more smoothly with Abuse.
27Just trust me... you'll be fine with what you have. :)
29* I hope to include the updates of the Twisted Minds addon whenever
30the creator, Profound, releases them. This addon allows you to
31ride vehicles and also has a twisted set of Super Mario Bros. art
32and graphics. Read the readme in /addon/twist for more information,
33and to use the whole Twisted Minds object set, be sure to run the
34proper batch file, as not all of these objects are included when you
35normally run fRaBs. The object menu would get really crazy if they
36were included.
38* Before running this, make sure you run SETUP.EXE and configure
39settings for your soundcard. Next, check the gamma settings by
40running Abuse and clicking the darkest visible color on the
41Gamma control button (Monitor w/ RGB).
43* Remember that because most of /music is deleted, you will not
44hear music in the game, so there's no point in trying to configure
45it in SETUP.EXE. It might not work anyways. :)
47* By using these commands, you can play levels from the command-line.
48You can either do this from a DOS window or by making a shortcut
49or by using the RUN command from the Start menu in Windows.
51abuse.exe -f blahblah.spe
52abuse.exe -f levels/blahblah.spe
54* To use Abuse's powerful level editor, use this command.
56abuse.exe -edit
57abuse.exe -edit -f whatever.lvl
59* A detailed HTML readme is found in /docs.
61Justin Cassidy
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