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7   <title>The Free Abuse Project</title>
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10<font color="#FFFFFF"><u><font size=+4>fRaBs</font></u><i>&nbsp;
12<br><a href="../index.html">Main</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF"> - </font></i><a href="updates.html">Updates</a><i><font color="#FFFFFF">
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18<p><font color="#FFFFFF">This file catalogues all of the changes between
19fRaBs and the registered</font>
20<br><font color="#FFFFFF">version of Abuse, as well as various logs of
21updates, additions, gameplay</font>
22<br><font color="#FFFFFF">testing, deathmatch testing, and other modifications.</font>
23<p><tt>12/10/00 - Version 2.1</tt><tt></tt>
24<p><tt>- New to this version of fRaBs are some touching</tt>
25<br><tt>&nbsp; up on the levels, one replaced single player</tt>
26<br><tt>&nbsp; level, six new deathmatch levels, some new art,</tt>
27<br><tt>&nbsp; and a couple really noticable new features:</tt>
28<br><tt>&nbsp; randomized deathmatch level rotations and lots</tt>
29<br><tt>&nbsp; of very pretty random title screens.</tt>
30<br><tt>- On December 3, fRaBs turned a year old. I'm so</tt>
31<br><tt>&nbsp; happy that this project has gone as far as it has,</tt>
32<br><tt>&nbsp; and there are some really awesome ideas in store.</tt>
33<br><tt>- Chances are the next version of fRaBs will have a</tt>
34<br><tt>&nbsp; Windows Abuse port included. This port, maintained</tt>
35<br><tt>&nbsp; by a fellow University of Idaho alumni named Jeremy</tt>
36<br><tt>&nbsp; Scott, already has most of the solid features that</tt>
37<br><tt>&nbsp; the DOS version has. What makes this version special</tt>
38<br><tt>&nbsp; is that Jeremy plans on adding many new features to</tt>
39<br><tt>&nbsp; the engine, including hardware acceleration and</tt>
40<br><tt>&nbsp; DirectPlay support for native TCP/IP games!</tt>
41<br><tt>- I repeat: There will be dedicated Abuse servers on</tt>
42<br><tt>&nbsp; the Internet in the near future! :)</tt>
43<br><tt>- You have two options for obtaining the latest fRaBs</tt>
44<br><tt>&nbsp; now... I will still release entire new packages, but</tt>
45<br><tt>&nbsp; now, there will also be patches available for older</tt>
46<br><tt>&nbsp; versions of fRaBs, starting with a 2.0 to 2.1 patch.</tt>
47<br><tt>- Here's a hint on some more expected additions to the</tt>
48<br><tt>&nbsp; Abuse engine... I plan on beginning work on CTF maps</tt>
49<br><tt>&nbsp; in the near future. :)</tt><tt></tt>
51<p><tt>- Fixed small lighting errors in 00dm.</tt>
52<br><tt>- Todo: change ANT_CRACK values in Level09 and</tt>
53<br><tt>&nbsp; Level11 to make gameplay easier and smoother.</tt>
55<p><tt>- Moved Cistern and Occult to the small rotations.</tt>
56<br><tt>- Changed DM page and maps accordingly.</tt>
57<br><tt>- Fixed a deathmatch level bug. DM LISP now loads</tt>
58<br><tt>&nbsp; 4frabsdm.lsp out of /addon/leon. This makes some</tt>
59<br><tt>&nbsp; special tiles and objects appear in 00dm.</tt>
61<p><tt>- Two new fRaBs mirrors... check the links page.</tt>
62<br><tt>- The fRaBs main mirror has officially moved!</tt>
63<p><tt>&nbsp; <a href=""></a></tt>
65<p><tt>- Fixed some case-sensitive bugs in the map JPEG pages.</tt>
67<p><tt>- Added more start points to 00dm.</tt>
68<br><tt>- Fixed a couple long-standing problems in the large Bugs</tt>
69<br><tt>&nbsp; DM level, with the fly powerup and a couple frisbee</tt>
70<br><tt>&nbsp; powerups not respawning properly.</tt>
72<p><tt>- New DM level, 00dm. You'll be familiar with this one. :)</tt>
74<p><tt>- Replaced /lisp/teleport.lsp with Leon's new one. This</tt>
75<br><tt>&nbsp; includes the new TP_DOOR_INVIS.</tt>
76<br><tt>- Fixed spacytdm and spacymed's background problems.</tt>
77<br><tt>- Added in new Level30, with map and info.</tt>
79<p><tt>- Ergh. I included the unfinished Level30 with the release</tt>
80<br><tt>&nbsp; fRaBs. I don't know what I'll do here. I may just cut out</tt>
81<br><tt>&nbsp; that level... it wasn't very good anyways. In it's place</tt>
82<br><tt>&nbsp; will be Leon's new single player level, Leon1_2, perhaps</tt>
83<br><tt>&nbsp; augmented with a secret exit. :)</tt>
84<br><tt>- Making some gameplay changes to King of the Cross... I</tt>
85<br><tt>&nbsp; will rearrange the ammo and add in a fly powerup to the</tt>
86<br><tt>&nbsp; higher respawn points.</tt>
87<br><tt>- Added in new artwork and new deathmatch levels by Leon.</tt>
88<br><tt>&nbsp; This stuff is really really nice. Check out Cistern,</tt>
89<br><tt>&nbsp; Ruins, and Occult. Stones.spe is in /addon/newart.</tt>
90<br><tt>- Updated object list.</tt>
91<br><tt>- Reminder to self: update small and medium DM LISP, get</tt>
92<br><tt>&nbsp; map JPEGs of these three and of Leon1_2, the new Level30.</tt>
93<br><tt>&nbsp; Also update DM level documentation.</tt>
95<p><tt>- Finished the new medium DM Level. It's called Laaz Rockit.</tt>
96<br><tt>&nbsp; All my newer DM Levels have the added benefit of testing</tt>
97<br><tt>&nbsp; behind them, thanks to my buddy Micah. He sketched this</tt>
98<br><tt>&nbsp; level out on paper too, so more kudos to him.</tt>
99<br><tt>- Finished new small DM level, King of the Cross.</tt>
100<br><tt>- Added Profound's new title screen. Sweetness.</tt>
101<br><tt>- I'm thinking the next fRaBs will be mainly a deathmatch</tt>
102<br><tt>&nbsp; release. Some of my older DM Levels just kinda suck, and</tt>
103<br><tt>&nbsp; the more DM I play the better I get at making this type</tt>
104<br><tt>&nbsp; of level. I think it would be cool to eventually have a</tt>
105<br><tt>&nbsp; totally new Deathmatch server interface, and as many</tt>
106<br><tt>&nbsp; packaged DM Levels as, say, Unreal or Q3A. Bots would be</tt>
107<br><tt>&nbsp; cool too, but that's way far down the line, if ever.</tt>
108<br><tt>- Todo: Fix PUSHER alignment in Aquarius and Laaz Rockit.</tt>
109<br><tt>&nbsp; Add map of KOTC. Add SFX to KOTC.</tt>
111<p><tt>- Well, there was a slight problem with the title</tt>
112<br><tt>&nbsp; screen code in relation to /addon/deathmat/dstartup.lsp</tt>
113<br><tt>&nbsp; but it was a quick fix.</tt>
114<br><tt>- The deathmatch level sequences have been modified! Now</tt>
115<br><tt>&nbsp; upon selecting a level size, you will get a random level</tt>
116<br><tt>&nbsp; of that type. No more waiting for cool DM levels like</tt>
117<br><tt>&nbsp; Aquarius and Teardrop anymore... you just might get your</tt>
118<br><tt>&nbsp; level when you start the game.</tt>
119<br><tt>- In progress: New medium-sized Deathmatch Level.</tt>
120<br><tt>- Slightly old news, but Profound sent in another title</tt>
121<br><tt>&nbsp; screen. It's the one with the sharp-looking 'A'.</tt>
122<br><tt>- Todo: Fix item hiding and spacy background in spacytdm.</tt>
124<p><tt>- Leon fixed up the title screen code and artwork.</tt>
125<br><tt>&nbsp; Very cool. There's a patch on his webspace</tt>
126<br><tt>&nbsp; and if you want the nifty new title screens before</tt>
127<br><tt>&nbsp; the next release of fRaBs, then grab it. The file is</tt>
128<br><tt>&nbsp; called</tt>
129<p><tt>&nbsp; <a href=""></a></tt>
131<p><tt>- fRaBs now has random title screens! Check /lisp/</tt>
132<br><tt>&nbsp; startup.lsp for the code updates. Thanks to Crembo</tt>
133<br><tt>&nbsp; and Cypress for providing some sweet title screens</tt>
134<br><tt>&nbsp; and giving me this idea.</tt>
136<p><tt>- Fixed a couple of documentation quips.</tt>
137<br><tt>- Added a couple links on the Links page.</tt>
138<p><tt>11/06/00 - Version 2.0</tt>
139<p><tt>- Finally. The first release of fRaBs in almost three</tt>
140<br><tt>&nbsp; months. There are a total of ten new levels in this</tt>
141<br><tt>&nbsp; version - eight are single player, and the other two</tt>
142<br><tt>&nbsp; are deathmatch. Plus there's a plethora of other</tt>
143<br><tt>&nbsp; additions in the documentation. I matched the ten</tt>
144<br><tt>&nbsp; new levels with ten new Pong levels as well... and</tt>
145<br><tt>&nbsp; lots of updates in the Level Editing and FAQ section.</tt>
146<br><tt>- Actually I lied... there's a secret level too. See if</tt>
147<br><tt>&nbsp; you can find it. The JPEG maps will not help you. :)</tt>
148<br><tt>- To Cypress: Sorry I didn't include the new fRaBs logo</tt>
149<br><tt>&nbsp; in the HTML pages... the versions you gave me didn't</tt>
150<br><tt>&nbsp; scale very well. I did spend some time tinkering with</tt>
151<br><tt>&nbsp; the artwork in GIMP though... it's gonna look cool. :)</tt>
152<br><tt>- As a sidenote... Episode 3 is not complete until</tt>
153<br><tt>&nbsp; there is a Level16 and there will probably be three</tt>
154<br><tt>&nbsp; or four levels added on to the Aliens Abuse episode</tt>
155<br><tt>&nbsp; in the future.</tt>
156<br><tt>- Finally, notes on adding art and objects... the docs</tt>
157<br><tt>&nbsp; talk about the /addon/newart folder. There is also a</tt>
158<br><tt>&nbsp; /addon/newobj folder for individual addon objects you</tt>
159<br><tt>&nbsp; decide to create.</tt>
161<p><tt>- I've been doing work on the object documentation in</tt>
162<br><tt>&nbsp; the level editing section for the last few days.</tt>
163<br><tt>- Finished Level30. It's not my best level, but it's</tt>
164<br><tt>&nbsp; a unique challenge as far as my levels go.</tt>
165<br><tt>- As soon as Level15 is complete, the next fRaBs will</tt>
166<br><tt>&nbsp; be released!</tt>
168<p><tt>- Level12 is fixed, but EitanTal is hopefully working</tt>
169<br><tt>&nbsp; on something to fix Level14.</tt>
170<br><tt>- Awesome! Eitan fixed Level14 as well.</tt>
172<p><tt>- Finally fixed the SHOULDER_LAMP bug! Modified /lisp/</tt>
173<br><tt>&nbsp; people.lsp. Thanks a million to Leon for the fix.</tt>
174<br><tt>- Worked on the Level Editing documentation. I will</tt>
175<br><tt>&nbsp; definitely need help writing the section on how to</tt>
176<br><tt>&nbsp; create objects and enemies for Abuse. If you are a</tt>
177<br><tt>&nbsp; Satan Paint expert, please contact me if you would</tt>
178<br><tt>&nbsp; like to help in demystifying the process of creating</tt>
179<br><tt>&nbsp; objects for Abuse.</tt>
181<p><tt>- There was a huge tile converter bug that screwed up</tt>
182<br><tt>&nbsp; two of my single player levels by cutting off the</tt>
183<br><tt>&nbsp; first column of foreground tiles in the larger of</tt>
184<br><tt>&nbsp; my levels, Level12 and Level14. I was lucky to have</tt>
185<br><tt>&nbsp; a working copy of Level12, but my only copy of</tt>
186<br><tt>&nbsp; Level14 was royally screwed. See, the bug shifted</tt>
187<br><tt>&nbsp; all the foreground tiles over ONE value, and one</tt>
188<br><tt>&nbsp; tile was lost. However, all of the objects remained</tt>
189<br><tt>&nbsp; where they were, so the entire level is screwed.</tt>
190<br><tt>&nbsp; Hopefully EitanTal can make a new converter to fix</tt>
191<br><tt>&nbsp; this broken level. If not, it can't be in fRaBs.</tt>
193<p><tt>- Fixed up a couple nagging gameplay problems in</tt>
194<br><tt>&nbsp; treesmal. Lately I'm having trouble coming up with</tt>
195<br><tt>&nbsp; decent ideas for the last few single player levels</tt>
196<br><tt>&nbsp; that I'd like to finish, but whether these levels</tt>
197<br><tt>&nbsp; are done or not, I'd like to release fRaBs sometime</tt>
198<br><tt>&nbsp; in mid-November before I go on Thanksgiving break.</tt>
199<br><tt>- Fixed a bug in Limeston where the ladder would get</tt>
200<br><tt>&nbsp; the player stuck in the ground if they went down</tt>
201<br><tt>&nbsp; too far.</tt>
202<br><tt>- Leon offered to fix the SHOULDER_LAMP bug! Hooray!</tt>
204<p><tt>- New small DM level... treesmal.spe is the fourth</tt>
205<br><tt>&nbsp; level in the small rotation.</tt>
207<p><tt>- Fixing up the documentation for version 2.0. There</tt>
208<br><tt>&nbsp; is still lots of material to add to the editing</tt>
209<br><tt>&nbsp; section, which is now split into two parts. I'm</tt>
210<br><tt>&nbsp; probably going to split off parts of the object list</tt>
211<br><tt>&nbsp; as well.</tt>
213<p><tt>- Finished a new medium deathmatch level with the blue</tt>
214<br><tt>&nbsp; background cave stuff. It's called 'Aquarius' and it</tt>
215<br><tt>&nbsp; is the third level in the Deathmatch rotation.</tt>
216<br><tt>- Changed the medium.lsp deathmatch level rotation.</tt>
217<br><tt>&nbsp; JDM3 is no longer in the medium rotation.</tt>
218<br><tt>- Tested Aquarius. It works rather nicely! It made</tt>
219<br><tt>&nbsp; me remember to update addon/deathmat/deathmat.lsp</tt>
220<br><tt>&nbsp; to include the addon/newart stuff.</tt>
221<br><tt>- Abuse is sweet. All I did was put the newart stuff</tt>
222<br><tt>&nbsp; in /addon and put the Aquarius level on my friend's</tt>
223<br><tt>&nbsp; computer... when we played, it updated his title</tt>
224<br><tt>&nbsp; screen and tons of stuff to be in sync with my dev</tt>
225<br><tt>&nbsp; fRaBs. Suprise suprise :)</tt>
227<p><tt>- Renumbered Claudio's space tiles and used a special</tt>
228<br><tt>&nbsp; converter by EitanTal to change the levels that</tt>
229<br><tt>&nbsp; used those tiles. Sweetness! Now the foreground</tt>
230<br><tt>&nbsp; numbering system is fixed at long last!</tt>
232<p><tt>- The new Mario level is finished! It will be a neat</tt>
233<br><tt>&nbsp; little secret for you to find. I'll edit the way to</tt>
234<br><tt>&nbsp; find this level out of the Map JPEGs. It's not too</tt>
235<br><tt>&nbsp; difficult to find though.</tt>
236<br><tt>- Implemented Cypress' background tiles for the blue</tt>
237<br><tt>&nbsp; caves and whatnot, finally. They look really nice</tt>
238<br><tt>&nbsp; in my upcoming fRaBs Level30.</tt>
239<br><tt>- Started on Level15 too. Not a very productive way</tt>
240<br><tt>&nbsp; to end a week of midterms... making fRaBs levels</tt>
241<br><tt>&nbsp; all day, but what the hell.</tt>
243<p><tt>- Been working on the last few levels that exit the</tt>
244<br><tt>&nbsp; Level12 hub, and a Mario level.</tt>
245<br><tt>- Finished Level14 too! Yay!</tt>
246<br><tt>- Fixed the regular fRaBs SENSOR_LEVEL object so that</tt>
247<br><tt>&nbsp; it loads levels from the regular /levels directory.</tt>
249<p><tt>- Huge changes to background numbering... the menu</tt>
250<br><tt>&nbsp; for background tiles is changed, because the space</tt>
251<br><tt>&nbsp; tiles that were numbered at around 9000 are now</tt>
252<br><tt>&nbsp; numbered at 500. Not many levels used these</tt>
253<br><tt>&nbsp; background tiles, so I changed the numbering. If</tt>
254<br><tt>&nbsp; your level did use these space background tiles,</tt>
255<br><tt>&nbsp; then you're going to have to go back and fix your</tt>
256<br><tt>&nbsp; level for the new fRaBs. I think I'm the only one</tt>
257<br><tt>&nbsp; with this problem though. :) So, not only is the</tt>
258<br><tt>&nbsp; background window easier to navigate, but all three</tt>
259<br><tt>&nbsp; sets of space background tiles will be grouped</tt>
260<br><tt>&nbsp; nicely together in the background window.</tt>
261<br><tt>- Tried to add Cypress' new background tiles but they</tt>
262<br><tt>&nbsp; weren't formatted correctly in Satan Paint. D'oh!</tt>
263<br><tt>- Added Cypress' 3D-Green fRaBs title screen as well.</tt>
264<br><tt>&nbsp; Rock on! It's very nice looking.</tt>
266<p><tt>- Huge changes in the foreground and background tile</tt>
267<br><tt>&nbsp; naming system. I found some background tiles that</tt>
268<br><tt>&nbsp; were included with Claudio's addon that I had no</tt>
269<br><tt>&nbsp; earthly idea about. They are renumbered for ease of</tt>
270<br><tt>&nbsp; finding and using. Check addon/newart/tiledoc.txt</tt>
271<br><tt>&nbsp; for some notes on these.</tt>
272<br><tt>- Commented out the last two tiles that were numbered</tt>
273<br><tt>&nbsp; from 10,000 in /addon/claudio/claudio.lsp. This</tt>
274<br><tt>&nbsp; should help make the foreground tiles easier to</tt>
275<br><tt>&nbsp; navigate around.</tt>
276<br><tt>- News on a release... Leon is working on re-naming his</tt>
277<br><tt>&nbsp; object variations so don't get too comfortable with</tt>
278<br><tt>&nbsp; things like the ANT_CRACK_HIDDEN and the ANT_TOUGH.</tt>
279<br><tt>&nbsp; The ANT_VARIATIONS code currently used in levels will</tt>
280<br><tt>&nbsp; probably stay, although the objects these levels use</tt>
281<br><tt>&nbsp; will be tagged as 'Unlistable' for the purposes of</tt>
282<br><tt>&nbsp; keeping the object window in the Level Editor somewhat</tt>
283<br><tt>&nbsp; clean.</tt>
285<p><tt>- Major changes under the hood again... I added in the</tt>
286<br><tt>&nbsp; sensors from the Twisted Minds addon as well as it's</tt>
287<br><tt>&nbsp; implementation of the WALK_ROB object. The new LISP</tt>
288<br><tt>&nbsp; is in /twist/f2xxx.lsp. In addition, this new object,</tt>
289<br><tt>&nbsp; the WALK_ROB2 was modified so that it has no shield</tt>
290<br><tt>&nbsp; when it's standing still.</tt>
291<br><tt>- Remind me to modify the SETQ_BAD_GUY lists.</tt>
293<p><tt>- Added more new decorative foreground tiles... thanks</tt>
294<br><tt>&nbsp; again, Cypress. It's all in /newart.</tt>
295<br><tt>- All I need to do is finish up a few more levels for</tt>
296<br><tt>&nbsp; the third episode (levels 14-16) and fRaBs will be</tt>
297<br><tt>&nbsp; ready for a release. Until then, feel free to send</tt>
298<br><tt>&nbsp; in your art and levels. I may even start another new</tt>
299<br><tt>&nbsp; episode.</tt>
300<br><tt>- I was bored today, so I got an idea... why not add</tt>
301<br><tt>&nbsp; the Twisted Minds Mario object set to the fRaBs set</tt>
302<br><tt>&nbsp; of default objects? So I did... I'll need to add</tt>
303<br><tt>&nbsp; Profound's special set of sensors sometime in the</tt>
304<br><tt>&nbsp; future as well.</tt>
306<p><tt>- Updated the Single Player Maps page... it's in touch</tt>
307<br><tt>&nbsp; with the latest dev version of fRaBs now.</tt>
309<p><tt>- Fixed some of Cypress' tiles so that they look better,</tt>
310<br><tt>&nbsp; particularly the diagonal ceiling tiles.</tt>
311<br><tt>- Modified /addon/claudio/claudio.lsp to fix a bug with</tt>
312<br><tt>&nbsp; the ANT_SHIP object. When it fires frisbees, the game's</tt>
313<br><tt>&nbsp; video output gets all screwy. So for now, the ANT_SHIP</tt>
314<br><tt>&nbsp; doesn't shoot frisbees.</tt>
315<br><tt>- Created a short new level based on the new tileset. It</tt>
316<br><tt>&nbsp; will be the ending level of the ACLPP episode, Level10.</tt>
317<br><tt>- I also decided to use a couple of Cypress' levels as</tt>
318<br><tt>&nbsp; Level07 and Level08. These are both works in progress,</tt>
319<br><tt>&nbsp; but they will be finished soon. The previous Level07</tt>
320<br><tt>&nbsp; is now the new Level09. This makes the ACLPP episode</tt>
321<br><tt>&nbsp; complete!</tt>
322<br><tt>- The maps page needs to be updated again.</tt>
324<p><tt>- Added some new artwork to the current fRaBs dev version,</tt>
325<br><tt>&nbsp; and released a patch to level editors. As of today, the</tt>
326<br><tt>&nbsp; link is on the Abuse forum. Kudos to Cypress! The artwork</tt>
327<br><tt>&nbsp; will be in /addon/newart... it's an icyblue foreground set.</tt>
328<br><tt>- Added a global listing of foreground tiles for Abuse into</tt>
329<br><tt>&nbsp; /addon/newart. The foreground and background tiles work
331<br><tt>&nbsp; a numbering system... from 0 to around 10,000... if you</tt>
332<br><tt>&nbsp; make any foreground or background art in fRaBs, send it
334<br><tt>&nbsp; me so I can end it to an empty 'spot' on this chart.</tt>
335<br><tt>- Cypress sent me some of his unfinished levels too. Some of</tt>
336<br><tt>&nbsp; these will be in the next fRaBs, but a few are either very</tt>
337<br><tt>&nbsp; unfinished or merely 'skeletons' of levels.</tt>
338<br><tt>- Finally, Jonathan is relocating so the server may be up/down</tt>
339<br><tt>&nbsp; or left/right or sideways or something.</tt>
341<p><tt>- Updated two map JPEGs, including the one for Level12.</tt>
343<p><tt>- Happy Birthday to me! I just turned 18! Now send me some money</tt>
344<br><tt>&nbsp; and go play some fRaBs. (and slutty whores... on channel
346<br><tt>- Fixed a glaring bug in Madrace. Lately I've been doing some</tt>
347<br><tt>&nbsp; deathmatch testing... expect a few slight gameplay changes
349<br><tt>&nbsp; the deathmatch levels in fRaBs 2.0.</tt>
351<p><tt>- Back to work. My new computer is set up for progress on fRaBs.</tt>
352<br><tt>- Updated the FAQ page again, and made the font fixed-width.</tt>
353<br><tt>- Hello to all of you from the University of Idaho!</tt>
355<p><tt>- Updated the FAQ with some info on ports, the Death Ray, and the</tt>
356<br><tt>&nbsp; Boss Ant objects. Keep the questions coming!</tt>
357<br><tt>- The links page had a bit of redundant stuff in it. Fixed.</tt>
359<p><tt>- I've been busy at college... so sorry about the lack of news.</tt>
360<br><tt>&nbsp; I'll be back in swing by September at the latest.</tt>
361<br><tt>- The credits page was changed by Jonathan a while back. It's a</tt>
362<br><tt>&nbsp; bit more exact now.</tt>
364<p><tt>- Modified the documentation strucure, and removed the /maps</tt>
365<br><tt>&nbsp; folder. All the new maps can be found in /docs/images now.</tt>
366<br><tt>&nbsp; This will make things easier in terms of keeping the up-</tt>
367<br><tt>&nbsp; coming website updated.</tt>
369<p><tt>- Added the unfinished Level12 and a new Level13 into the level</tt>
370<br><tt>&nbsp; rotation of Episode 3, and updated the documentation of
371how I</tt>
372<br><tt>&nbsp; plan on structuring the order of Levels 12-16 along with
374<br><tt>&nbsp; possible Aliens Abuse episode.</tt>
375<p><tt>7/10/00 - Version 1.9</tt>
376<p><tt>- Changed the arrangement of the documentation. If this isn't</tt>
377<br><tt>&nbsp; the best Abuse documentation there is then I suggest you
379<br><tt>&nbsp; something better. :) I'm proud of it.</tt>
381<p><tt>- Finally finished up the HTML documentation for fRaBs.</tt>
382<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">7/07/00</font></tt>
383<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I've been working on Pong levels, the new
384documentation, and a</font></tt>
385<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; special directory called /maps, filled
386with JPEGs of every level</font></tt>
387<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; in fRaBs, and then some. So far there
388is 10 new Pong levels</font></tt>
389<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; made by me.</font></tt>
390<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Still no resolution to the legs error.
391Until that is fixed, my</font></tt>
392<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; new level will remain unreleased.</font></tt>
393<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">7/03/00</font></tt>
394<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Thanks to Zoneman for finding a nasty error
395in fRaBs where upon</font></tt>
396<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; getting the POWER_UPs the player's
397legs didn't change. I have</font></tt>
398<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; this problem partially fixed at the
399moment... only now upon</font></tt>
400<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; obtaining the SHOULDER_LAMP, the player
401has no legs!</font></tt>
402<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I did this by moving lots of code directly
403into the</font></tt>
404<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; lisp/people.lsp file, and there is
405a backup called peoplold.lsp</font></tt>
406<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; in the same directory. Also, addon/aliens/powerups.lsp
407has been</font></tt>
408<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; changed, with the old file renamed
409to powerold.lsp... hope I</font></tt>
410<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; can fix this soon!</font></tt>
411<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">7/02/00</font></tt>
412<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Pong level making is easy! I made 5 nice
413levels in about half</font></tt>
414<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; an hour. Very neat stuff. I'll write
415a short briefing on it.</font></tt>
416<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- At the moment I'm collaborating with Profound
417to make a couple</font></tt>
418<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; new objects for Pong that will allow
419for a string of levels...</font></tt>
420<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; right now it only plays one at a time,
421but this can be changed.</font></tt>
422<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">7/01/00</font></tt>
423<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added abuse.txt in /docs, by Duong Dai Nguyen.
424There is a very</font></tt>
425<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; detailed tutorial on level design,
426as well as other things. I</font></tt>
427<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; may go through and add/modify some
428of the listings to account for</font></tt>
429<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; new ai_types and whatnot. I shouldn't
430have lost this file so long</font></tt>
431<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; ago... it's a useful tool, and I still
432learn things from it.</font></tt>
433<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; Swiped from the shareware version
435<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/30/00</font></tt>
436<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Check out addon/pong/ for a fun little pong
437game. Swiped from the</font></tt>
438<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; shareware version 1.05.</font></tt>
439<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/29/00</font></tt>
440<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Tried to fix the 'Aliens' issue, by changing
441their little green</font></tt>
442<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; acid shot to aitype 50, but I don't
443think I modified the LISP</font></tt>
444<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; correctly. Now they don't shoot anything
445at all! Maybe it's best</font></tt>
446<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; that way...</font></tt>
447<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Started doing some major tweaking to the
448Alien code... I want to</font></tt>
449<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; try and make them a bit more 'fair'.
450Changed default hit points,</font></tt>
451<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and speed settings today...</font></tt>
452<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/28/00</font></tt>
453<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Ooh, with the addition of the new addon
454by Leon, the Aliens from</font></tt>
455<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the Aliens Abuse addon now seem to
456want to shoot those zip-zappy</font></tt>
457<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; lasers. This is a bit of a problem...</font></tt>
458<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/26/00</font></tt>
459<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Updated Leon's addon material and edited
460/addon/leon/4frabs.lsp to</font></tt>
461<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; include his new foreground tiles.</font></tt>
462<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/25/00</font></tt>
463<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added in Leon's new ant addons from his
464great new levels. All of it</font></tt>
465<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; is in addon/leon, including the original
466levels, which can be run</font></tt>
467<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; via leon.bat and l-edit.bat.</font></tt>
468<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Moved the bad_guy_list and the object_destroyable_list
469to the bottom</font></tt>
470<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; of abuse.lsp. Kept the older, existing
471ones just in case the seperate</font></tt>
472<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; addon is run instead of the entire
473fRaBs objects.</font></tt>
474<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Updated single player readme on new Ant
476<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Tons of new objects in this update. I don't
477know how I will ever make</font></tt>
478<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; a document to describe each and every
479one of these... eventually I</font></tt>
480<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; need to though.</font></tt>
481<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/21/00</font></tt>
482<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Began work on Kokushi Salamander. It will
483be a shoot-em-up spaceship</font></tt>
484<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; game, similar to Gradius, using the
485Abuse engine. :) Profound is</font></tt>
486<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; doing the main bit of code, and I'm
487creating/ripping the artwork. I</font></tt>
488<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; have been on a shooter stint, with
489the Konami classics, and I thought</font></tt>
490<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; one day that I could do a project
491like this for Abuse. Stay tuned...</font></tt>
492<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/20/00</font></tt>
493<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I did some deathmatch testing on Kahn with
494EitanTal. I had a 56k modem,</font></tt>
495<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and he had ISDN, and the results were
496slow, probably because of me...</font></tt>
497<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; we averaged about .5 fps. I'd imagine
4982 ISDN lines on Kahn would</font></tt>
499<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; get much better performance... the
500game's native rate is 15 fps. I am</font></tt>
501<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; in Alaska, and he was in Israel...
502my TCP/IP test with Ed wasn't as</font></tt>
503<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; good in terms of performance, and
504he had DSL.</font></tt>
505<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Missed a few of the art/tints directories
506in changing the file names</font></tt>
507<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; to lower case. Fixed.</font></tt>
508<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- You may have noticed that there were constant
509updates from the 13th of</font></tt>
510<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; June to the 17th. This is a record
511number of updates for fRaBs, and it</font></tt>
512<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; can be attributed to the fact that
513I don't have a job. :)</font></tt>
514<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/17/00 - Version 1.75</font></tt>
515<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- The Deathray and the Twisted Minds addon
516are now incorporated into</font></tt>
517<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; fRaBs! This makes for a whole new
518seperate addon, as well as better-</font></tt>
519<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; flowing single player play in the
520regular game.</font></tt>
521<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added a couple of Leon's objects, save
522for a couple things related</font></tt>
523<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; to the ways in which ants die. These
524are the ANTHOLE and the SENSORBEAM.</font></tt>
525<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; The first one makes a new ant for
526each one that comes out of the crack</font></tt>
527<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and dies, up to a maximum. The second
528is a nice bit of decor. Read</font></tt>
529<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; leon1.lsp in addon/leon for more info
530and check out my sample level,</font></tt>
531<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; sample.spe, in the same directory.</font></tt>
532<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/16/00</font></tt>
533<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Doh! There was a broken level exit in Level07.spe
534because I moved</font></tt>
535<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; Level08 to Level21. Fixed.</font></tt>
536<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/15/00 - Version 1.71</font></tt>
537<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Renamed every file except for the fRaBs171
538dir itself to lowercase so</font></tt>
539<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; that there's better Linux compatibility.
540If there are any problems that</font></tt>
541<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; come up with this then email me.</font></tt>
542<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/14/00</font></tt>
543<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I decided to release fRaBs and add the BFG
544and my new cave level in</font></tt>
545<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; a later version. There might not be
546much time between this release</font></tt>
547<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and the next, but it's been long enough
548as it is. :)</font></tt>
549<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Remember that although this version has
550quite a few new levels,</font></tt>
551<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; most of the big changes are internal,
552with the new power up objects</font></tt>
553<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; which I hope you level editors out
554there can take advantage of.</font></tt>
555<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Updated the single player documentation
556with help for the new levels</font></tt>
557<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; as I'm sure you will need it. ;)</font></tt>
558<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/13/00</font></tt>
559<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Getting very close to a release. Implemented
560Eitan's easiest levels</font></tt>
561<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and all that is left now is the BFG
562and possibly my new Abuse level</font></tt>
563<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; once I get it finished.</font></tt>
564<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/8/00</font></tt>
565<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added in EitanTal's new levels, but they
566may need editing. This, and</font></tt>
567<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the delays with adding in the new
568BFG code will delay fRaBs even</font></tt>
569<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; longer. I figure this is best though,
570unless you like downloading</font></tt>
571<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; new versions of software every two
572seconds that it is released.</font></tt>
573<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified /lisp/people.lsp to fix an issue
574where any level-ending</font></tt>
575<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; teleporter for Level22.spe ends the
576game. Now the end-game</font></tt>
577<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; sequence will only be triggered when
578you complete Level99.spe and</font></tt>
579<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; god knows if fRaBs will ever have
580one of these.</font></tt>
581<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/4/00</font></tt>
582<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Cleaned up some LISP references for possible
583Linux problems.</font></tt>
584<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">6/1/00</font></tt>
585<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Preparations for releasing fRaBs 1.7...
586there's gonna be plenty</font></tt>
587<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; of new stuff in this version, in terms
588of levels and additions to</font></tt>
589<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the artwork and objects. Just a little
590more testing with the new</font></tt>
591<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; objects in a simulated deathmatch
592and it will be ready to go.</font></tt>
593<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Now that the important Aliens objects are
594included, does anyone</font></tt>
595<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; want to try and make an 'Aliens Abuse'
596episode of fRaBs? :)</font></tt>
597<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Input on how fast the new Aliens move would
598be nice... this can</font></tt>
599<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; be easily modified if the general
600consensus is that they should</font></tt>
601<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; move a little slower/faster.</font></tt>
602<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Did some slight updating to the documentation,
603with info about</font></tt>
604<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the new Aliens.</font></tt>
605<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added Ed Snible's fRaBs icons, and some
606related files, to /icons.</font></tt>
607<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">5/24/00</font></tt>
608<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Finally! Added Aliens Abuse foreground,
609background, and relevant</font></tt>
610<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; objects. And it all works perfectly!
611YAY! Now the SHOULDER_LAMP,</font></tt>
612<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the FACE_HUGGER, and all the ALIEN_DUDES
613work! :)</font></tt>
614<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">5/21/00</font></tt>
615<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Ed and I had our first TCP/IP test of fRaBs
616for GNU/Linux. It</font></tt>
617<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; was slow and there were a couple LISP
618bugs, but we think they</font></tt>
619<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; were due to our different Abuse setups,
620and the fact that I live</font></tt>
621<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; in Alaska and he lives in New York.
622Overall though, things are</font></tt>
623<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; looking promising for TCP/IP play,
624just as long as you're not</font></tt>
625<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; playing someone halfway across the
626planet. :)</font></tt>
627<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Also, I've been contacted by someone who
628wants to do an Abuse</font></tt>
629<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; port for PSX. Stay tuned.</font></tt>
630<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I've been planning to make some GNU/Linux
631packages for different</font></tt>
632<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; distros, so look for these in the
633future. So far Redhat and</font></tt>
634<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; Debian packages are on the horizon,
635but if there's the demand,</font></tt>
636<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; then I'll make some others.</font></tt>
637<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">5/03/00</font></tt>
638<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- fRaBs is working in Debian! Good news...
639but the palette is</font></tt>
640<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; screwy. To be fixed.</font></tt>
641<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added Level17.spe finally.</font></tt>
642<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">4/24/00</font></tt>
643<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- To do... Finish testing fRaBs-linux and
644integrate new SPLs.</font></tt>
645<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">4/13/00</font></tt>
646<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- A cool guy by the name of Ed Snible has
647been fixing up a</font></tt>
648<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; GNU/Linux version of Abuse with TCP/IP
649support. We're in the</font></tt>
650<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; testing phase... stay tuned. This
651is gonna rock!</font></tt>
652<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; fRaBs + Linux + TCP/IP + Good Documentation
653= Bliss :)</font></tt>
654<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Changed Level00 so that bottom two teleporters
655to the left</font></tt>
656<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; loop back into Level00 until I get
657those episodes completed.</font></tt>
658<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added SFX to Limestone DM level. It sounds
659cool now.</font></tt>
660<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Network testing went really well, although
661my little brother</font></tt>
662<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; beat me on the levels that I made.
663Go figure. I noticed some</font></tt>
664<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; lag in Bugs.spe on the network though...
665too many objects?</font></tt>
666<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; If someone can get 3-4 people or more
667playing 'Bugs' on a LAN</font></tt>
668<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and do some further testing, I'd appreciate
669it. :)</font></tt>
670<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added an episode with some of my older
671levels... it's a three</font></tt>
672<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; level deal that is situated off near
673the 'Abuse!' teleport in</font></tt>
674<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; Level00. This is old news really,
675but the new episode isn't in</font></tt>
676<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; any released versions of fRaBs.</font></tt>
677<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">3/24/00 - Version 1.51 (beta)</font></tt>
678<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Completed Limeston.spe (the new large DM
679level) and I think</font></tt>
680<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; I'm done with making deathmatch levels.
681Now to get back to</font></tt>
682<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; single-player.</font></tt>
683<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified /addon/deathmat/large.lsp</font></tt>
684<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Damn, another thing I forgot to add here...
685I finished a nice</font></tt>
686<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; new single-player level a while ago...
687about a month ago, to</font></tt>
688<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; be precise. :) Whoops.</font></tt>
689<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I'm gonna be able to do my own deathmatch
690testing this coming</font></tt>
691<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; week. Woohoo! My own networked computers
692to play with!</font></tt>
693<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">3/20/00</font></tt>
694<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I'm back for the attack!</font></tt>
695<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Don't know why this tidbit wasn't in the
696readme earlier,</font></tt>
697<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; but I've been working on the Underground
698Zone, another</font></tt>
699<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; large DM level. It, along with other
700fRaBs stuff, will</font></tt>
701<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; probably not be released until there's
702other significant</font></tt>
703<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; changes to the game... i.e. more single
704player episodes,</font></tt>
705<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; engine modifications. There's no point
706to releasing fRaBs</font></tt>
707<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; every two days just to put in another
708DM level and update</font></tt>
709<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the one or two .lsp files that need
711<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">2/21/00 - Version 1.5</font></tt>
712<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Released 1.5 with all new single-player
713mode, and</font></tt>
714<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; 4 new deathmatch levels. Single-player
715info has been</font></tt>
716<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; relegated to separate readme files,
717deathmat.txt and</font></tt>
718<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; oneplayr.txt, both of which are works
719in progress. My</font></tt>
720<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; aim is to have more material for Abuse
721newbies and a</font></tt>
722<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; full-fledged Abuse multiplayer step-by-step
724<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">2/20/00</font></tt>
725<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I was inspired today... made a new medium
726DM level in about</font></tt>
727<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; 3 hours that is circle-shaped... it
728uses running water from</font></tt>
729<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the claudio addon. :) It's the second
730level in the medium</font></tt>
731<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; rotation now... /netlevel/Teardrop.spe</font></tt>
732<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">2/18/00</font></tt>
733<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- More SPL fixes (Level08.spe)</font></tt>
734<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Still working on a new SPL and a new DM
735level... school's</font></tt>
736<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; been bogging me down a bit though.</font></tt>
737<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">2/5/00</font></tt>
738<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Fixed some foreground tiles in the original
739SW levels</font></tt>
740<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Fixed some tiles and errors in both ACLPP
742<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">2/4/00</font></tt>
743<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added a new level, redgrndm.spe, to the
744small deathmatch levels</font></tt>
745<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp
746to a different order. I</font></tt>
747<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; don't plan on making any more small
748deathmatch levels, so this</font></tt>
749<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; file should stay the same from here
750on out. This DM level has</font></tt>
751<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; a 'new' feature: respawning flyers
752that cause random hell.</font></tt>
753<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Changed Level00 teleporter nomenclature.</font></tt>
754<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">2/2/00</font></tt>
755<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified some level names, added some new
756single player levels</font></tt>
757<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; into the addon. The first three top
758teleporters are in some</font></tt>
759<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; sort of working order.</font></tt>
760<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">1/28/00</font></tt>
761<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Totally rearranged included Shareware level's
762file names...</font></tt>
763<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and added a new Level00.spe. This
764new Level00 was designed to</font></tt>
765<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; be very open-ended to including either
766new 'paks' of levels,</font></tt>
767<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; or even just exits to single levels.
768What does this mean? It</font></tt>
769<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; means that if you want your level(s)
770in fRaBs, just give me a</font></tt>
771<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; note of permission and send the level(s),
772tell me the order</font></tt>
773<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; you want them in, and they will be
774included into fRaBs.</font></tt>
775<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- The new Level00 took only 3 hours and some
776rockin' music... :)</font></tt>
777<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Updated readme with Level00 schematics.
778Start sending in some</font></tt>
779<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; single-player levels! :)</font></tt>
780<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">1/22/00</font></tt>
781<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Keep forgetting that it's really 2000, not
7821999. Sheesh.</font></tt>
783<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Finally tried fRaBs on Kahn, but it was
784so slow that me and</font></tt>
785<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; my cohort couldn't even get the game
786started. Oh well... if</font></tt>
787<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; you're playing with someone geographically
788close to you, or</font></tt>
789<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; on the same ISP, then the bandwidth
790might be feasible over</font></tt>
791<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; Kahn, but I'm not sure otherwise.
792Once cable modems are the</font></tt>
793<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; norm, and everyone has good bandwidth,
794then Kahn will be the</font></tt>
795<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; way to go, but for now, it's probably
796not the best idea.</font></tt>
797<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; Thanks to CHaKKaWaKKa for being my
798partner in crime for this</font></tt>
799<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; test. I plan on trying again in the
800near future...</font></tt>
801<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">1/20/00</font></tt>
802<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Haven't played much Abuse lately. I have
803recovered my</font></tt>
804<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; original copies of Claudio and Aliens
805Abuse in my off time</font></tt>
806<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; however! What does this mean? fRaBs
807will include even</font></tt>
808<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; more foreground tiles and objects,
809and now I just might</font></tt>
810<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; have a chance of implementing the
811Aliens Abuse characters</font></tt>
812<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; into fRaBs. Be prepared for some more
813foreground and</font></tt>
814<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; background, enemies, and a flashlight
816<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Working on another level with the red aliens
818<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; these are always fun. It's nice and
819horizontal, unlike</font></tt>
820<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; many of my 'falling mine-shaft' levels.</font></tt>
821<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- I got news from an Italian magazine that
822fRaBs will be</font></tt>
823<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; included with their monthly magazine
824on CD! More news as</font></tt>
825<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; it comes!</font></tt>
826<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Also, this month, Kahn, a program that
827allows IPX function-</font></tt>
828<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; ality over TCP/IP, became freeware!
829This is a wonderful</font></tt>
830<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; program, with a tight user-base. It's
831similar to Kali, but</font></tt>
832<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; much better IMO. Learn more about
833Kahn at:</font></tt>
834<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</font></tt>
835<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;</font></tt>
836<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; This effectively allows Abuse to be
837played over the Internet</font></tt>
838<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; for free! Thanks to 'Tiny' and the
839other ops for helping to</font></tt>
840<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; spread the word about fRaBs and to
841everyone who helped me out,</font></tt>
842<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; and seeing past my poor IRC skills
843to help the innocent newbie.</font></tt>
844<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; :) Props to you guys!</font></tt>
845<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">1/2/00</font></tt>
846<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Fixed up DM level bugs, and made a new small
847DM level.</font></tt>
848<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Been meaning to include this tidbit in
849the readme... you</font></tt>
850<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; can find Satan Paint in /art</font></tt>
851<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">1/1/00 - Version 1.3</font></tt>
852<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Released fRaBs, fixed email at the bottom
853of the readme.</font></tt>
854<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">12/31/99</font></tt>
855<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Almost Y2K... made new medium DM level in
8563 hours.</font></tt>
857<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">12/29/99</font></tt>
858<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added 2 New DM levels based on the BUGS
860<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp</font></tt>
861<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; /addon/deathmat/medium.lsp</font></tt>
862<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; /addon/deathmat/large.lsp</font></tt>
863<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Fixed a bug that left the claudio addon
864support out of</font></tt>
865<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; the DeathMatch games. Whoops!</font></tt>
866<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">12/22/99 - Version 1.2</font></tt>
867<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added 3 New DM levels.</font></tt>
868<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp</font></tt>
869<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; /addon/deathmat/medium.lsp</font></tt>
870<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; /addon/deathmat/large.lsp</font></tt>
871<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">12/10/99 - Version 1.1</font></tt>
872<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added Claudio Bolzoni's free Abuse object
873set in</font></tt>
874<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; /addon/claudio</font></tt>
875<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified /addon/claudio/claudio.lsp so
876that Abuse doesn't</font></tt>
877<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; look for missing artwork. The original
878claudio.lsp can be</font></tt>
879<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; found at */oldclaud.lsp</font></tt>
880<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified /abuse.lsp with updated enemy
882<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added /Edit.lsp with palette info (press
883P in the editor)</font></tt>
884<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">12/3/99 - Initial Version 1.0</font></tt>
885<p><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Deleted registered levels 5-21 in /levels</font></tt>
886<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Deleted all the original DeathMatch levels
887in /netlevel</font></tt>
888<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Deleted original documentation</font></tt>
889<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Deleted /addon/example</font></tt>
890<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Deleted all but two files from /music</font></tt>
891<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified /addon/deathmat/small.lsp</font></tt>
892<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; /addon/deathmat/medium.lsp</font></tt>
893<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; /addon/deathmat/large.lsp</font></tt>
894<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Added two new deathmatch levels and three
895new single</font></tt>
896<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; player levels</font></tt>
897<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">- Modified the exit of /levels/LEVEL04.SPE
898to loop back to</font></tt>
899<br><tt><font color="#FFFFFF">&nbsp; /levels/LEVEL00.SPE</font></tt>
900<p><font color="#FFFFFF">Justin Cassidy</font>
901<br><a href="mailto: messiah15@*spam-me-and-die*"></a>
902<p><img SRC="../images/ssig.GIF" NOSAVE height=17 width=20>
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